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Our team can look back on 9 years of experience with developing our ViMP software in the growing market of Social Media and Video CMS.

Based on the experience of our core competence in this market environment and the intensive work with numerous and various customers and activities in project business, the ViMP GmbH, with its focus on modular product development and services, already today, is one of the technology leading providers for portal and application solutions with high growth potential.

Reference customers like the Boeing, Samsung, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Deutsche Telekom, Red Bull, Bosch, BSkyB, Audi AG, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn or Ericsson prove the marketability of this platform. Furthermore, the software can reference more than 55.000 international customers of the smaller versions.

Custom adaptions and custom development will be provided by our partner agencies.


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