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Wed 20 Jan 2021

How To: Creating a channel

This blog post introduces the versatile ViMP function "Channels", which is used to manage editorial content in your portal...

Thu 17 Dec 2020

The impact of the pandemic on digitization in companies

Investment in digitization is increasing in companies. This is the result of the latest Bitkom study. Read more about how a video platform can provide additional support for your digitization efforts...

Thu 29 Oct 2020

The most important changes in ViMP 4.3

ViMP 4.3 includes a new player, a new authentication method as well as numerous useful extensions. Read more...

Wed 01 Jul 2020

Over 1 million students use ViMP

We are very pleased that meanwhile more than 1 million students have access to our ViMP Corporate Campus and that we are able to make a significant contribution to video-based online teaching...

Fri 13 Mar 2020

ViMP as live streaming platform

At the moment we receive more and more inquiries how ViMP can be used as a live streaming platform, for example to offer lectures for students online. In this article we will show you a simple possibility for this...

Fri 06 Mar 2020

Stream your events via video

In times when numerous events are being cancelled, broadcasting events via video comes more and more to the fore. Read this article to find out how you can broadcast your event to the home office of your participants...

Thu 12 Dec 2019

How To: ViMP Search

In today's blogpost we would like to introduce you to the extensive search function of ViMP...

Tue 10 Dec 2019

The most important changes in ViMP 4.2

ViMP 4.2 offers a lot of new features and also improvements in the administration area. Read here what has changed...

Mon 04 Nov 2019

How To: ViMP Media Upload

In this article we would like to introduce you different possibilities of how to upload videos or other media to ViMP...

Wed 04 Sep 2019

How To: ViMP Media Player

In this article we explain how to present your videos appropriately with the ViMP Media Player. We reveal you everything worth knowing about the functions of the media player and how simple it is to use...

Wed 28 Aug 2019

How To: ViMP – Initial setup

This article is part of our how-to blogposts and gives you an overview of the initial configuration of ViMP - from presets to the integration of your logo...

Wed 12 Jun 2019

ViMP Ultimate: Web solution for your video portal

Are you looking for an efficient video platform solution that is distinguished by an easy operation? Then you are in the right place with the ViMP Ultimate. Read more about the variety of functions in the following article.

Mon 27 May 2019

E-Learning with ViMP

Online videos are an effective way to transfer knowledge quickly and effectively in today's learning environment. Read in this blog post, how ViMP acts as a knowledge transfer tool or learning management system and which advantages e-learning entails in contrast to other possibilities of knowledge transfer...

Wed 08 May 2019

What you always wanted to know about an authentic internal video communication

A picture is worth a thousand words. Online videos are now considered as one of the most important forms of communication. In our article we'll give you some helpful tips on how to generate successful and authentic internal communication with online video.

Wed 03 Apr 2019

The most important changes in ViMP 4.1

With ViMP 4.1 you can enjoy numerous new functions, improvements and optimizations. We would like to introduce the most important ones in this article.