A Tidy Platform, a Tidy Mind: How Structures Apply the Finishing Touch to Your Content!


What is more annoying than looking for important documents, content or videos when you are pressed for time? An unclear storage system for files can quickly become a cumbersome annoyance. But ViMP Corporate (Campus) has a solution to this problem! Which one is to be read here:

A Tidy Platform, a Tidy Mind: How Structures Apply the Finishing Touch to Your Content!

Structures and Categories as Essential Guideline

Structuring and categorization give you an overview. This overview is indispensable for effective and efficient work, especially if you are working in teams. If there is no intersubjectively understandable order, a useful cooperation cannot be guaranteed. By integrating the content into categories, it is easier to handle, as well as faster and more intuitive to find – which offers enormous potential for saving time. In addition, categories enable responsibilities for each student or colleague to be defined, for a clear distribution of roles is self-evident. Through such structures, the exchange between lecturers and students, as well as amongst lecturers or students themselves, is smooth and easy.

Unlimited Possibilities with ViMP Corporate Campus

Categories and subcategories do provide these structures, that are indispensable for targeted and effective learning. With uploading a video or other medium, it must be assigned to at least one category, though this assignment can be edited at any time. In doing so, any number of subcategories can be established to ensure an even clearer and hierarchical overview. With this simple and intuitive form of structuring, your colleagues or students have the best overview of your (video) files at any time, thus saving you much time and nerves. With ViMP, however, you can easily structure your content with other options, too: channels, albums, and groups; Channels mean editorial channels that can only be managed by authorized administrators and moderators. Videos and other content can be categorized in channels that can be subscribed to by ViMP users. With this subscription, the user receives notifications of new content so that your workgroup, course, or students are always up to date with all the latest news. Albums are also suitable for structuring: same as with categories, thematically related contents (e.g. to a certain lecture series or a course) can be aggregated in an album. Furthermore, the ViMP group function, serving as a collaboration tool, can be used to create rooms in which the uploaded content is accessible exclusively (if wanted) to group members. All of these options are available with ViMP Corporate (Campus), the integrated video platform solution for educational institutions. This gives you not only the best overview of all your content, but also the full control over who can see and/or manage it. Just try these features and test the most appropriate and efficient solution for you!

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