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In a few years, videos will claim more than 80% of all Internet traffic – unimaginable amounts of moving images will flicker over the users’ screens[1]. This is already reason enough to envisage online video as an advertising and marketing platform. Read here why videos are the ideal marketing tool and how to concept them best possible!

Advertise with Online Videos

Videos as the Perfect Marketing Tool

Videos are suitable in many ways to inspire the audience. The easiest way to retrace this is by taking a look at the classic TV ad which has been intended to encourage the customers to purchase for decades – and which is basically nothing else than what videos are able to display within the Internet. Videos will briefly show the user everything they need to know about a product, topic, problem or concern. This means that much less effort is needed to watch a video than to look through long texts or unclear websites and thus an increased willingness to get involved with the advertising material. These are goods that should not be neglected in times of information overload and fast pace. By this, and particularly by their ability to trigger the viewers’ emotions, videos can attract cleverly the attention of the user. Videos as classic push media combine information and emotion in perfection with little cognitive and in some cases little economic effort. And the numbers are clear, too: already 1/3 of the time spent on the web is spent on the use of video, besides that 90% of the customers say that videos are useful when making purchase decisions. Moreover, nearly 60% of the decision-makers would rather watch a video than read a complicated article[1]. Thus, videos are already an ideal marketing tool per se. But apart from the content, videos can be used to earn money by adding conventional ads[2]. Online ads are gradually surpassing the classic TV advertising section, as video ads can be perfectly adapted to the desired target group (keyword: targeting) and meet a very large number of users.

Tips for the Perfect Marketing Video

All in all, videos are the perfect advertising medium in two ways: with regard to contents and to the neat options to advertise. But how should videos ideally be designed to unfold their potential as best as possible? A current study on this topic shows that it is crucial that videos transmit the desired content without the need of any sound, since most users do not want to be startled by a sudden sound, or have switched it off anyway most of the time. It is also important to immediately attract and sustain the attention of the audience. The catch should ideally be carried out in the first three seconds, thus presenting the scenery quickly and comprehensibly. 74% of the advertising value of a video is communicated in the first ten seconds. Also, an attractive thumbnail for the video increases the commitment[3]. Another important point is to show the brand at the very beginning of the video (that is the top of the attention span) in order to strengthen the association of the spot with the respective brand and, ideally, to strengthen this tie even beyond the logo as well[2]. The most important premise in video marketing is, despite its modern application, a tried and tested advertising strategy: KISS – Keep It Short and Simple.

Manage Your Marketing Campaign with ViMP

Videos are one of the most important advertising media and will further expand and consolidate their significance. With the ViMP Channels module, you can immediately implement your concept and perfectly manage your marketing campaigns. The channel function serves as an editorial tool for the administration of all your content, and in particular videos for marketing and advertising purposes. The so-called administrators and moderators, that is the responsible employees for the respective marketing campaign, have full control over the generation and editing of the videos. They can also decide to whom the videos are accessible. Authenticated ViMP users can subscribe to a channel. Whenever a new medium is added to that channel the subscribers will be notified automatically. Channels can be set to private or public. Contents of private channels are only available for users who subscribed to that channel. Optionally an approval and activation of new subscribers can be activated.

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