Corporate Communication via Video


Improve the Corporate Communication of your company with ViMP. Read about the opportunities offered by videos in the sector of corporate communication in the following. 

Corporate Communication via Video

The importance of Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is an important component of corporate identity and embraces all the communicative activities of a company. The aim is to use a specific communication strategy to develop a uniform and strategic image of the company that is not only communicated to the public but also within the company.[1]

What possibilities does video offer for a company's corporate communication?

These days the use of online video offers numerous possibilities for companies. But how do moving images exactly help to improve your corporate communication? The internal corporate communication of a company benefits in particular from the assistance of online videos. By using videos, daily announcements for employees can be made more personal and efficient and at the same time they can provide more transparency within the company. Innovations and changes can be communicated in detail by the management to the employees using various design tools in a more interesting way. This form of communication is highly authentic and credible. Not only news is relevant for the use of online video, but also the regular flow of information to employees brings great opportunities. Regular communication, which ideally takes place according to a regular schedule, creates trust and gives people a feeling of security. In addition, the videos make it possible to create a media library on the intranet. This media library facilitates the access to relevant knowledge and information. Employees can search in the media library whenever they want for questions or ambiguities on the desired topic and thus acquire the answers and new knowledge themselves. This leads to an increased working speed with less expenditure of time and the videos favors a more productive way of working. The videos can be called up at any time on various end devices and ensure the networking of the entire company.[2]

Improve your internal and external company communication easily with ViMP and benefit from an improved and long-term relationship between customers, employees and the company.

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