Corporate Learning – The Future is Now


Corporate Learning is a term that is gradually becoming more and more important. The first large companies have already integrated this concept into their corporate culture – but SMEs could also take part in this step by step. Read now all you need to know about Corporate Learning and how to establish it in your company with simple methods bit by bit.

Corporate Learning – The Future is Now

What is Corporate Learning?

Generally speaking, Corporate Learning means all methods of education, but particularly further and continuing education of the employees in the company environment. This includes not only e-learning courses, trainings and seminars, but also – and this in particular – the transfer and exchange of knowledge amongst the employees. The topics of knowledge management and archiving are also important keywords within Corporate Learning[1]. The objective is to meet the ideal of the learning organization (corporate = organizational), and above all the ideal of lifelong learning.

What are the Cornerstones?

The most important message of Corporate Learning is that each individual employee is a learner – not only the apprentice[2]. This is the premise for the ideal of lifelong learning, something that 90% of all Germans see as crucial to their professional success. For that matter, small learning loops are essential for all activities and work steps. They serve for reflection of experiences and of tried and tested methods. At the same time, it is also intended to reflect continuously on the (company) goals that originally led to these activities (= double loop learning)[3]. According to Harvard professor Garvin, the goal is "to be an organization that has the ability to generate, acquire, and distribute knowledge, and then change its behavior based on these new insights and findings."[4] Corporate Learning thus includes all measures that render a company a learning organization and that are reflected in everyday work[5].

Why Corporate Learning?

This process does not only help employees get on with their personal and professional competences as well as experiences, but it is also a decisive competitive advantage for the company itself. If a company, ie. its employees, is faster and more efficient in learning than the competition, this can become an USP. Products, theories, even processes and methods can be copied by competitors – "human resources", namely this ability of fast learning, cannot! In other words, a company can be left behind the competition if this learning component is not met. Learning and further development can thus be translated directly into success – both for the individual and especially for the company[6].

How can you Realize it in your Company?

According to experts, the first step is to provide a so-called climate of psychological safety. Precisely, that means a supportive learning environment in which it must be possible to ask questions and make mistakes without being punished in any way, so that one can become comfortable with the risks of a working place. This is how learning processes can work[7].

It is also crucial to approach the subject openly, to take small steps and to reflect on them over and over again. This is how to find out which points work and what should be done differently. In larger companies, it makes sense to start with smaller groups and then move on to even greater groups. All of this may seem a little tedious at first, but it delivers beneficial results and sustainably effective processes.

What is the Key to Corporate Learning?

The quintessence of Corporate Learning is that learning should be done in networks, on the same level, not hierarchically. Thus, the giving and taking of knowledge and experience should occur continuously and permanently[8].

ViMP as a Part of Corporate Learning

With videos, content can be easily and clearly visualized, stored and reused again and again. By this, your company can profit permanently and sustainably. But the increasingly popular concept of micro-learning can be optimally implemented with videos, too: They can be customized and adapted specifically, so that they meet the needs and requirements of an individual. Therefore, videos are ideal for the individual as well as for the company as a whole, thus reflecting the basic principles of corporate learning.

These advantages you get from using videos are easy to implement with ViMP! If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 (0) 89 1200 1020 or use our contact form!


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