How To: ViMP – Initial setup


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How To: ViMP – Initial setup

In our "How-to" blogposts series we explain step by step how to use significant functions of ViMP and configure them accordingly to your requirements. This article gives you an overview of the initial configuration of ViMP - from presets to the integration of your logo.


After the installation of ViMP you can start directly with the configuration of the online video portal in the backend. To facilitate the entry for you, ViMP has predefined presets, which help you with the first adjustment. When using the portal for the first time, an overlay will open with which you can directly select the presets by clicking on "show presets". This is also possible by clicking on the "presets" link in the top navigation of the backend. Now you can choose the preset that is most suitable for your online video portal. When you select a preset, the current configuration is always saved. However, you can also save your adjustment via the submenu item "save configuration". If you want to return to the previous state, you can do this simply by selecting "restore configuration".


In the ViMP backend you can select different setting options via the menu item "Configuration" > "Templates". With the Pacific template, by default the menu bar appears vertically next to your media. On the other hand, the menu bar of our Atlantic template is arranged horizontally above all media. The tile views of your media are also much larger. The Atlantic template is therefore perfectly suited for a Video on Demand platform, with even more focus on your content.

Would you like to customize the template according to the requirements of your corporate design? By means of HTML & CSS this can be realized pixel by pixel.


With little effort you can make the first adjustments to your corporate design using our logo upload. For this you have the possibility to upload your logo easily and uncomplicated through the ViMP backend (Backend > Configuration > Portal > Portal logo). Your Logo will then appear in the upper left corner of the frontend. Thus your video portal can receive a first individual recognition fast and simply. The uploaded logo also serves as a link to the homepage.

By these different functions ViMP enables you a complete adaptation of media and contents of your portal to your Corporate Design. 

In the next part of our "How-To: ViMP" series we present you all important information and functions of our ViMP Player.

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