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Social Intranet – Building Bridges


It has already been discussed in our previous article that online videos are perfect for external communication, especially in the field of social media. But online videos are ideally suited for your in-house communication, too. How? Social intranet is the key! (N)Ever heard of it? Then learn more about the social intranet and its advantages with ViMP!

Social Intranet – Building Bridges

Social Network Sites + Internal Communication = Social Intranet

As the name implies, a social intranet is a closed platform for selected users (in this case: company members), combined with a social component (here: social media). Appearance and functionality of the social intranet are also shaped correspondingly: It is based on the established social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, or Twitter, and adapts their interactive features, such as liking, commenting and sharing – but keeps it in the enclosed intranet.

Information + Interaction = Dynamic Knowledge Transfer

At first sight, this concept sounds like a nice-to-have. But in times of globalization, fast-pace and ever-increasing growth, it turns out to be a must-have: Thanks to the social intranet, the conventional top-down process from management to employees is transformed into a dynamic and interactive knowledge exchange at all levels. With a social intranet, each employee can individually provide content to everyone throughout company, and vice versa, each one can benefit from the skills of others. There are no limits to the content. It ranges from classic editorial content, through specific videos and documents to the individualized material of the employees[1]. On the one hand, all employees benefit from the relevant information in the short and medium term; on the other hand, this can optimally contribute to knowledge management on the long run. Therefore, the three supporting pillars of a social intranet are information, interaction and collaboration, for knowledge can be transferred and shared more quickly, effectively and sustainably while always putting the focus on the employee[2].

Social Intranet + Feedback = Effectivity

The functions of liking, commenting and sharing, known from common social media channels can be used as indicators for a climate of public opinion and can provide direct and fast feedback on the acceptance of a content. Thus, it enables the author of a content to readjust on it or where to focus on in future posts. A Social intranet also offers the possibility to display information, videos or documents in an individualized way, for the content relevant to the respective employee is communicated directly. Even the much-criticized e-mail floods or working in the home office are no longer a problem. All of this enhances both the effectiveness of the cooperation as well as the feeling of appreciation, sense of belonging and loyalty[3].

Social Intranet + Online-Videos = State-of-the-Art Internal Corporate Communication

The benefits of a social intranet become even more effective when you include online videos into the equation. With the help of videos, all of these advantages can be implemented even more simply, more efficiently and more effectively. When it comes to knowledge transfer, videos are the tool of choice by now: Thus, even complex and difficult facts can simply be visualized in a video and made available to employees throughout the company in real time – no matter what time or place you are in. Online videos are therefore the means for dynamic and interactive knowledge transfer. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of online videos for your company, check out this article or our complete story (part 1 and part 2).

With ViMP Corporate, you can easily build, manage and enjoy your own social intranet! For questions or further information, please do not hesitate to call us at +49 (0) 89 1200 1020 or use our contact form!


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