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10 Reasons why Online Videos are Ideal for your Company


Whether it is a tutorial, company or product film, image video or marketing gag – videos can take on whatever form you like. But do you already know everything about the potential and possibilities videos have both for your employees as on an external level? We’ll show you! Here are ten reasons why every company should rely on videos!

10 Reasons why Online Videos are Ideal for your Company

1. They boost effectivity

Did you know that content communicated by video is remembered at 95% after a period of 72 hours, whereas a text-based mediation is only remembered at 10%[1]? However, videos do not only stimulate the memory function of our brain – they also increase our motivation to deal with complex issue in the first place: We are much more willing to watch a long video than to read a long text. After all, we can absorb about 1.8 million words with one minute of a video[2][3]. Combined, these effects make processing much more efficient, leading us directly to the next point.

2. They simplify complex content

Videos are ideal for effective and efficient processing as complex content can be presented in an intuitive and simple way: After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. Videos appeal to different senses at the same time, making cognitive processing more striking and sustainable. Apart from the advantages for the intellectually efficient recording and coping of content, the affective and creative component of videos must not be neglected:

3. They freshen up complex content

 As videos do not only stimulate the left hemisphere of our brain, but also the right one where creativity is said to be located. Not only do videos leave room for creativity and innovation when producing them, but they also bring multimediality into play. The combination of several different media loosens the content by offering variety and counteracting the feeling of exhaustion.

4. They save time and money

In addition to the advantages of cognitive and affective processing, company videos also solve a problem that is of great importance in every company: time and cost savings. With ViMP you can provide tutorials, product videos, the current state of research or videos of meetings and conferences to a selected group of employees at any location at any time. This helps you avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive business trips and meetings. A detailed article about this topic can be found here.

5. They are safely stored thanks to ViMP

The issue of security surely also is a top priority, just as the resources mentioned in point 4. When it comes to business information that should be available to internal staff or a particular group of persons only, security is a key issue. With ViMP you can either upload your videos to the general public on the web, or safely store them on your Intranet only selected people have access to. By this, we guarantee highest security for your sensitive data and content. For more information on the topic of security click here.

6. They improve your Google ranking

Of course, you can also make several videos public and accessible to your partners and customers. This can be quite useful as you are not only present to the outside, but also improve your standings in the search results of all search engines, such as Google or Bing. The search engines’ algorithms do prefer pages with varying and user-friendly content – and this also includes the variation of media types. If you put videos to your website, the probability of it being ranked on Google page 1 is 53 times higher than without any videos on your website[2][3].

7. They are reusable

But not only your company website likes videos – social media does, too (and with it its users). Thus, you can also turn your social media appearance more diversified and attractive without any additional effort. Just play the video from your website on social media. And by the way: Google also considers the prominent social media channels when it comes to its ranking factors. 

8. They increase the dwell time on your website

Let’s stay with Google’s ranking factors for a little while longer. Google also refers to the retention time of the users on the respective website. Thus, pages than are clicked on and the left immediately, are rated worse than those users like to stay at. But how are videos involved in this? Video content significantly increases the time spent on your website[1][4]. And with this also your standings in the search results.

9. They are mobile friendly

This point shows that videos can also just be very convenient: According to relevant studies, the use of mobile devices is steadily increasing [5]. By now, a big part of videos is already being watched on such mobile devices – not only at home, but also on the go. Particularly on the road, bulky texts can be very cumbersome, a video, however, can be watched comfortably at any place. Thanks to mobile devices, you can enjoy videos of all kinds easily and everywhere – whether it is in the office or at home, at the airport, on the train or in the café.

10. They are ideal for your corporate communications

So far, all of the nine facts above already plead for videos to be not only a new but also an inevitable form of communication in the future. But if you should still have doubts about it, then our last and tenth argument will convince you for sure: Videos enhance the commitment to a company. This works reciprocally: on the staff as well as on the customer and consumer part. On the one hand, employees benefit on the level of time, effort and creativity, on the other hand, consumers benefit from interesting, enlightening and varied information.

The next part of our series “Online Videos for your company” deals with the trending topic of Social Videos and how to integrate them best possible into your communications. Stay tuned!

With ViMP, we offer a platform that allows you to simply and efficiently realizing this full potential of videos. We would be happy to help and provide personal advice via our contact form or by phone +49 (0)89 1200 1020!


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