The digital change and its challenges


“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.”[1] Digitization is progressing on and bringing not only scores of chances, but also many new challenges with it. ViMP will assist you in mastering these challenges successfully. Read in this blog post how exactly this can be achieved.

The digital change and its challenges

What you need to know about digital change

Digitization in general indicates a meaningful change of economy and society by new digital technologies. Fundamentally this means that former analogue information transfers into a digital form or function. Online videos have taken an especially effective role! The digital or so-called fourth industrial revolution pervades all important areas of society, from economy, over education to politics. Digitization isn’t a linear process, but a process of constant renewal that promotes global networking in real time.[2]

But especially companies are expecting numerous new challenges to be mastered in the course of digitization. In almost all departments inside a company like sales, marketing, human resources or production, the requirements must be adapted and optimized in terms of digitization.[3] Relating to digitization many other questions still need to be clarified. These can be answered in the course of digital change by an open and positive attitude of the companies towards those necessary changes. Other important basic prerequisites for the digital change are a great willingness to learn and the ability to recognize comprehensive processes and system contexts.[4] How ViMP can effectively help your company with the digitization will be explained in the following.

Effective implementation of digitization with ViMP

ViMP offers numerous possibilities and approaches to manage the communitive challenges of the digital change. First of all, it’s very important that managers and employees can access information at the moment they’re required – fast and efficiently. With ViMP Corporate Enterprise you can save time and money by transferring knowledge to your employees via online videos. Employees have the possibility to share their knowledge and solutions with colleagues by archiving them in ViMP for a long term as a digital knowledge database and make the knowledge available in a sustainable way. ViMP also enables you to provide your data effectively in digital form, which also meets the requirements of high security. Your content is extensively protected by a targeted addressing (media permissions), whereby only authorized users have access. By the fact that ViMP is based on a stable code base, which is continuously developed, the video platform fulfils all important aspect of sustainability for the digitization.

Use the advantages of digitization in your company and walk the path of digital change hand in hand with ViMP.

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