ViMP as live streaming platform


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At the moment we receive more and more inquiries how ViMP can be used as a live streaming platform, for example to offer lectures for students online. In this article we will show you a simple possibility for this.

ViMP as live streaming platform

As a university or a company, you are faced with the problem that you have to maintain operations despite the current Corona crisis. Thanks to numerous online tools, it is fortunately possible in many areas to work temporarily from home as an employee. But what about events such as lectures or staff meetings?

This is where conventional collaboration tools reach their limits and you need an online streaming solution that allows you to film a speaker, for example, and show slides at the same time.

ViMP can be perfectly combined with suitable tools as a broadcast platform for the creation of such streams in order to provide the streams for your staff or students.

One of these tools is OBS Studio or its even more user-friendly enhancement Streamlabs OBS. The free "Open Broadcaster Software" is available for Windows, Linux and macOS and allows you to process multiple streams into one and then make it available as a stream.

In the simplest case, for example, you can record the speaker with the webcam while simultaneously displaying a presentation.

You can also bundle more than two streams from different sources, create and crossfade scenes and process multiple audio tracks.

How to connect OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS to ViMP is explained in our FAQ articles about OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS.

In ViMP you can create as many livestreams as you like, which you can make available for different target groups with different permission settings.

We are happy to advise you and, together with our implementation partners, can provide you with appropriate solutions including the complete implementation process from hardware to software at short notice!

Please contact us via our contact form or by phone at +49 (0) 89 1200 1020, if you have further questions on this topic. 


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