ViMP Ultimate: Web solution for your video portal


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ViMP Ultimate: Web solution for your video portal

ViMP Ultimate: Web solution for your video portal

Are you looking for an efficient video platform solution that is distinguished by an easy operation? Then you are in the right place with the ViMP video solution for web & businesses. ViMP Ultimate supports high-definition videos and a stable performance – even with high user numbers. In the following article we show you the variety of functions that the ViMP video platform solution has to offer for your web presence.

What is ViMP Ultimate?

ViMP Ultimate is a highly functional video CMS solution for the web, that can be operated as an independent video platform solution or which can also be incorporated into a website as a video platform. The appearance of the platform as well as all the other functions are individually adaptable. So, it’s possible for you to completely adjust your video platform to your Corporate Identity and Corporate Communication language. The strictly modular designed structure of the Video CMS enables to integrate more applications or to extend the amount of functions. So, you can integrate ViMP also into your existing editorial system. Other applications can communicate with ViMP through the central and powerful ViMP API. Due to the open source code, further individual adaptations and extensions can be made at any time.

Functions of ViMP Ultimate

ViMP impresses with an easy operation and individual adjustment possibilities of its functionalities. The ViMP Player uses the modern HTML5 technology and is therefore easy & quick to setup. By means of the YouTube export module, online videos can be exported into your YouTube channel. On the other hand, it is also possible to import videos (YouTube Import module) including metadata from YouTube into your ViMP video platform. The advantage: The traffic stays on YouTube. Besides video content, ViMP also manages photos, audio files and common document formats. Especially when it comes to streaming, ViMP supports the efficient Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), which generates an optimal smooth transition between the quality levels of your online videos (depending on the available bandwidth). By using the mobile template ViMP is also compatible with all mobile devices.

Marketing opportunities with ViMP

In addition, there is the possibility to generate revenue with the content of your website. You can for example place banner and display advertising by using predefined or freely selectable spaces in the templates and by connecting an AdServer. Common forms of advertising such as pre-, mid- and post-rolls can be easily integrated into your online videos by using the VAST 1.0/2.0/3.0 interface. Another important function is the Video on Demand module, with which you provide individual content, selected channels or the entire portal for a fee. In your ViMP video portal you have the possibility to monetize your content either by one-time payment, or alternatively by subscriptions. One-time payments are paid via credits, while subscriptions are processed directly via PayPal. A commission system allows you to credit parts of the sales revenue to authorized third parties.

Discover the numerous possibilities of ViMP Ultimate and start your own public video portal on the web. For questions or more information please contact us personally via phone ((+49 (0)89 1200 1020) or via our contact form.

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