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What you always wanted to know about an authentic internal video communication


Reading time: 3min

A picture is worth a thousand words.[1] Online videos are now considered as one of the most important forms of communication. Especially in the area of internal communication, videos serve as an effective, time-saving and cost-effective tool. The big advantage of videos over e-mails or newsletters is the increased attention with which the content is received from the video.

According to this, a study shows that employees with work instructions via online video perform their tasks much more effectively and quickly than those who receive their instructions in text form with pictures. In addition, statistics show that especially Millennials or the Generation Z prefer to use videos as an internal mean of communication, because of the high degree of authenticity.[2] Online videos can help to reduce hierarchies in the company. The effective communication possibility can significantly improve the collaboration between managers and employees and the possibility to provide feedback on individual videos strengthens team cohesion.[3]

In the following article we will give you some helpful tips on how to generate successful and authentic internal communication by means of using online video with our ViMP Video Platform solutions.

What you always wanted to know about an authentic internal video communication!

1. Creation and Playout

With the help of online videos it is possible for you to create content directly and easily and thus pass knowledge on to your employees or colleagues. You can easily record your videos with your smartphone or tablet without any loss of time and very cost effectively. In addition, there could be possibilities to use screen capturing software to explain certain software processes on the computer. The content of an online video can also be captured with the webcam on your laptop or PC. Before you make your online video available to your employees and colleagues, its media permissions can be checked and secured using the workflow function in the backend. Consequently, you always make sure who can see what in ViMP. How the videos are perceived internally can be reviewed with the likes and 5-star rating functions in ViMP.

2. Optical and Audiovisual Design

The optical and audiovisual design of the videos also plays an important role in internal corporate communication. The visual appearance of the online videos can ideally be adapted to the corporate identity or other designs of the company, embodying the visual style. In ViMP you can furthermore adapt your corporate design with video templates using our Video Editor Extension and via extended editing options. Also with the audiovisual design there are a few things to consider. Despite poor tonality of a video, knowledge transfer can still be just as effective by adding subtitles in any type of language to each video. So foreign-language coworkers can understand the content of an online video without any problem.[4]

3. Cooperation

Especially the teamwork can be improved by online videos. With the group module in our ViMP Corporate Enterprise solution individual users or entire departments can work together on projects or certain topics. Furthermore, there is the possibility to share video content continuously into open and closed groups, which is excellent for closed team collaborations. In addition to collaboration, videos also improve the employee communication within and outside the team. Further, knowledge management and the transfer of experience are effectively supported by internal video communication.

4. Control function

After the videos have been uploaded, the question arises: How are the online videos accepted by my employees or colleagues? To answer this question, you can optinally use the Matomo Media Analytics plugin to receive powerful statistics. It enables you to see detailed reports of your online video usages.

Improve your internal company communication effectively with videos and use the numerous possibilities of ViMP. With the Corporate Enterprise solution, you'll provide your employees an internal platform for smooth collaboration that can be adapted flexibly and individually at any time.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us personally by phone ((+49 (0)89 1200 1020) or use our contact form.


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