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ViMP Corporate

Video-based corporate communications

Already a single picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can transport much more content even more effective.

The medium video makes corporate communications considerably more efficient and eye-catching.

ViMP Corporate - our online video platform solution
for enterprises!
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4 good reasons for video in your company

Corporate TV for your company

 Corporate TV is kind of business television that provides complete programs or certain videos for employees, partners or customers on demand at any time. Contents can range from CEO speeches, marketing/PR activities to research results, product videos (sales) or training videos (top down effects). 

Increasing motivation and cost reductions

 The benefits for corporations are various: employees will be motivated by the social media structure of ViMP Corporate, use of creative resources will be improved, business philosophies can be communicated internationally with ease and travel expenses can be reduced in particular.

Online training

 Further on continuing education and training actions can be realized excellently and the platform can act as a multimedial archive or media library (media asset management). All contents can be embedded into the corporate website easily and the platform can be opened to clients partly or completely, if wanted (going public).

Simplified Collaboration

 Furthermore, closed cooperations or collaborations in groups with the ability to exchange photos, documents and videos are possible. Decentralized collaboration across geographical borders becomes feasible by exchanging stages of development and know-how or by working together on corporate projects between departments (bottom up effects).

Successful Corporate Video Solution

  • Social media communication and collaboration 
  • Especially for Intranet and Extranet usage 
  • Automated video encoding into all standard formats 
  • Audio, document and photo support integrated 
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets 
  • Design flexible customizable (Corporate Design) 
  • Custom functional extensions possible at any time

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 After a long period of evaluation the solution has been shortlisted. After the test installation ViMP turned out as the right solution for the international requirements of the GfK. It stood out from competitors by its various possibilities of adaption, its platform (PHP), the fair license agreements and the good overall impression. We adapted the video portal completely to the GfK branding und the difficult data-protection requirements of an internal video platform.

 Heiko Tobias, GfK Global Websites & Integrated Software Services

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