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Feature overview

ViMP Corporate Features

ViMP Corporate offers all functions needed for successful online video business and educational platforms

Comprehensive video solution

ViMP Corporate acts like a YouTube platform for corporations functionally, but offers more possibilities especially for internal corporation environments. As most users will be familiar with Facebook or YouTube they will be able to use ViMP Corporate with ease and motivation.


After a simple upload process the videos are automatically converted into web-capable formats, including those for mobile devices. Approval processes help qualified administrators to activate or decline videos with an optional comment. Each medium can be saved with title, description, tags and meta tags and assigned to one or more categories. It can also be assigned to editorial channels or closed groups. As soon as a medium is published, optionally only for certain employees or departments, it can be viewed, rated, commented or shared.


Within an album different media and media types can be linked to a series, e.g. in order to present various contents of a common topic.

Search and Activities

Media contents can be searched and found via the search function, channels, categories, tags or featured media lists. Furthermore, ViMP contains a pinboard, known from Facebook, where latest activities will be displayed.


A new ViMP extension, designed for knowledge transfer. Learning units with videos and other media types can be created in an easy and flexible way. The knowledge imparted can be verified through questionaires with open and closed questions. The results of the learning unit can be analysed fully automated and a certificate can be sent to the participants.


An essential element of ViMP Corporate is the group function which allows closed collaboration of users or departments, involving all supported media types (video, photo, documents, audio).

Profile pages, Forums and Blogs

Users have their own profile pages. In addition to personal data also the user's media, favorites, groups and blog contributions are displayed. The forum and blog can be used for further corporate communication.


In WebTV mode a default playlist can be defined and automatically be started in the big player. Logged in users can also create, save and load their own playlists. The playlist function is extremely well-suited for presentations at the POS (point of sales) or at exhibitions/congresses. Prepared playlists can be played on a big screen or beamer easily.


ViMP has been designed especially for a high number of users, high-resolution videos, stable performance and platforms with strong coverage. Many years of experience in video and social media result in a modern corporate platform and make the software unrivaled in the matter of usability and stability.


Clients of an internal ViMP solution are amongst others: T-Systems (DTAG), Audi AG, Siemens Healthcare, GfK (Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung) and Deutsche Bahn AG.


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ViMP Corporate key features:

Exclusive Corporate features

ViMP Corporate includes different instruments to control the contents and integrate with the existing infrastructure.



ViMP Corporate may be used in closed intranet or extranet environments.

Roles and rights management

Rights Management

Define custom user roles and set individual permissions.

Media Permissions

Media Permissions

Limit access to certain media files to defined user roles.

Media Transfer

Media Transfer

Sync your media files between multiple ViMP servers - even in different data centers.

Web Channel

Web Channel

Share media to websites outside of your intranet with the web channel.

LDAP Interface

LDAP Interface

Connect ViMP Corporate to a directory service, like e.g. Active Directory.

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Define approval workflows for uploaded media or blog entries.

Zeitgesteuerte Medienfreigabe

Time-controlled Media Release

Plan the release period for your media in advance.

Webcam Aufnahme

Webcam Recording (beta)

Add videos and photos to ViMP easily with your webcam.

Unlimited Server Licenses

Unlimited Server Licenses

Unlimited Server licenses for cluster operation.

Integration tools

ViMP Corporate makes it easy to customize or extend your portal to your individual requirements.

Open Source Code

Open Source Code*

ViMP Corporate is provided with open source code and thus can be enhanced as desired.



The API enables other applications to communicate with ViMP.

Media functions

ViMP let's you manage and publish your media in an instant.



Upload videos into the portal with only a few clicks or by drag'n'drop. Also from mobile devices.


Media Types

Besides video files, ViMP can also handle photos, audios and documents.



Media can be assigned to one or more categories already during upload.


Stickers help

Various stickers emphasize certain media attributes additionally.



Divide videos in multiple chapters with jump labels below the player.

Quality selector

Quality selector

Select the best quality for your bandwidth in the ViMP player to ensure smooth playback.

Embed Code

Embed Code Generator

Videos can be embedded into other website easily with the embed code.


Startpage Slider

Inform your visitors about news and important notes with the startpage slider.

Thumbnail View

Thumbnail Views

ViMP visitors can choose between three different thumbnail views.



Extend your videos with multi-lingual subtitles that can be selected within the player controls.

Seek preview

Seek preview

Preview images above the seek bar help you finding a particular position.

Latest technology

ViMP supports modern web techniques, keeping your portal up-to-date.


HTML5 Support

Videos can also be played without Flash in HTML5 capable browsers.



ViMP contains four designs by default. Custom designs can be implemented with ease.

Smartphone Layout

Smartphone Layout

An extra Smartphone layout makes ViMP look good also on iPhone & Co.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

The layout of ViMP automatically resizes to fit best into different screen sizes.

Modules and Plugins

Numerous modules and plugins are already included into the basic version of ViMP, additional ones can be added when needed.



Every registered user can participate the public blog and write his own blog posts.



Groups can be created by registered users, other users can join them.


Activities Stream

User actions can be tracked by other users within the activites stream.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

Enable Facebook comments instead of the ViMP comments optionally.


The comprehensive backend of ViMP allows you to adapt the software to your very individual requirements.

Menü Konfiguration

Menu Configuration

Easily create your custom menu structure with sub menus.



ViMP talks (almost) all languages you desire thanks to i18n and UTF-8 support.



Meaningful statistics about the views of the different media contents.


Content management

ViMP has a comprehensive backend with media and user management included.

Menü Konfiguration


Setup your portal with predefined configuration templates with just one click.



Various configuration options to individually customize your portal.


We don't let you down on issues, but offer different support channels.



With ViMP Corporate you receive 24 months of free product updates via our website..



Find answers to common questions in our FAQ.

Premium Support

Premium Support

24 months Premium Support via our ticket system included.

*) Only small parts of the source code of ViMP Corporate are encrypted due to licensing reasons.

Overview of all ViMP Corporate features

Easy installation with interactive installer   
Animated startpage slider   
Featured media on the main page   
Main page player   
Full text search on all content types   
Social media functionalities: activities, private messages, friends management, user profile   
Multilingualism (languages delivered) english / german
Multilingualism (additional languages available for download) spanish / french / italian / arabic / chinese / russian
Multilingualism (additional custom languages possible)   
Opensource transcoding connection (FFmpeg)   
Search engine friendly URLs   
Tag cloud   
Completely CSS/HTML based, customizable templates   
'Classic' template   
'Pacific' template   
Responsive design   
Smartphone template   
Three standard template skins included (Classic)   
Business template skin included (Classic)   
MEDIA & USERS ViMP Corporate
Supported media types: video, audio, pictures, documents   
Comments, rating and sharing media functions   
Add tags (keywords) to media files   
Upload individual thumbnail pictures for media files   
Closed media view(optional)   
User management (registration, login, account settings)   
"Users online" information   
"Last viewed by" information for media files   
Related media information   
Own guestbook for every user   
Personal favorites list for media   
Hide user profiles   
Assign contents to categories   
Featured Media   
Frontend media upload   
Media download   
Public playlist in WebTV   
Time-controlled media release   
Integrated invitation function for friends   
Integrated private messaging system   
Embeddable flash player, Embed contents on other websites/blogs   
Facebook Comments (optional)   
Facebook and Twitter Share   
HTML5 upload   
Native browser upload for iOS6+ devices   
Videos will be transcoded into required web video formats (MP4) automatically   
Videos will be transcoded into definable additional qualites optionally   
Graphical upload progress bar   
Extended upload information   
Thumbnails will be generated automatically   
Parallel transcoding of uploaded media files   
Connection to the ViMP Transcoding-Service possible optionally
ViMP PLAYER ViMP Corporate
HTML5 player   
Flash player optionally   
Wide screen support (16:9)   
Individual watermark embeddable (Overlay)   
H.264/MP4 support   
Fullscreen support   
Supported video formats flv/mp4
Supported audio formats mp3/aac
Supported image formats jpg/png
Chapter marks (HTML5 player)   
Seek preview (HTML5 player)   
Subtitles (HTML5 player)   
Adjustable speed (slow motion / fast motion) (HTML5 player)   
Streaming server support (RTMP, HLS, RTSP)   
Advanced Progressive Streaming support   
Player embeddable into other websites   
Lights Off function   
Selectable video qualities   
Secured administration panel (content-/user management, statistics)   
Upload function for the portal logo   
Various configuration settings for portal and modules   
Media management   
User management   
Groups management   
Slideshow management   
Management of static pages (disclaimer, gtc, etc.)   
Menu editor   
Category management   
Platform statistics   
Language management   
Template management   
System log   
Activities log   
LDAP interface   
Extended Rights and Roles Management   
Extended Media Permissions   
Approval Workflows   
Groups (private and public)   
Blog (with comments)   
Google Sitemap plugin   
Transcoding plugin   
Rich-Text-Editor plugin   
Adserver Connection   
Media Import   
Google Maps   
Facebook Connect   
Open ID   
YouTube/Vimeo Import   
HD Transcoding   
Single Sign On (Master)   
Media transfer (server clustering)   
Web Channel   
Webcam Recording (beta)   
Video Editor optionally
E-Learning optionally
Future modules within the product update period included
LICENSE ViMP Corporate
Design/templates completely editable   
Open source code*   
Intranet/Extranet operation possible   
Additional server licenses (for the same platform, enables clustering)   
Product updates included individually
Product update pricing on request
Premium Support   
ViMP Hosting optionally
Pricing on request

*) Only small parts of the source code of ViMP Corporate are encrypted due to licensing reasons.      

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