ViMP 3.5 released

ViMP 3.5

ViMP 3.5 shows off with a completely reworked HTML5 video player!

The new player contains the following new functions:

  • HTML5 first
    By default ViMP now uses the HTML5 ViMP player, Flash is fallback.
  • Chapters
    Add chapters to your videos that are accessible by a click on the chapter preview image.
    ViMP Player Chapters
  • Seek preview
    See preview images by hovering the mouse over the seek bar.
    ViMP Player Seek Preview
  • Subtitles (not available in ViMP Community)
    Add multi-lingual subtitles to your videos by importing WebVTT subtitle files.
    ViMP Player Subtitles
  • Mobile video ads (Beta! Not available in ViMP Community)
    The new player also supports video ads on mobile devices now.
    ViMP Player Mobile Video Ads
  • Variable video speed
    Change the speed of the video via its context menu.
    ViMP Player Context Menu
  • Custom design
    Easily adapt the player design to your custom requirements.

Further features of ViMP 3.5

  • Media transfer extension for ViMP Corporate, allowing to synchronize multiple ViMP servers in cluster environments.
  • Minor improvements and big fixes.

 Test the new functions in our Online Demo!

As always find the complete list of changes in our changelog.

ViMP Professional and ViMP Enterprise customers can download the new versions within their personal download area. ViMP Community users can download the new versions from the ViMP Community Download page.

Updates of purchased modules are available within your personal download area.

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