ViMP Reference Portals


The Tomorrowland open air music festival has been organized since 2005 and represents a fixed institution in the annual event calendar of every fan of electronic music. Hundreds of artists perform in front of hundreds of thousands of fans on the famous "fairyland" stages.

Starting with 2016, ViMP is used to represent the platform of the comprehensive video, audio and photo archive of the professional Tomorrowland recordings.

The clearly arranged website contains media collections of all so far taken place Tomorrowland festivals. Furthermore, it contains detailed information of the participating artists.

Jack Contemporary Arts TV is a video platform devoted to contemporary arts and their protagonists that presents art independent from its geographical location.

The platform contains exclusive contents, livestreams, blogs and supports interactions via comments, ratings and likes.

Director's Channel

Director's Channel is the first TV channel for supervisory boards. High-value expert knowledge about the latest trends and decisions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be imparted within short video clips.

Director's Channel is based on ViMP and has been adapted to the individual requirements of the online portal in both design and funcionality.

Ursula Blickle Video Archive

The Ursula Blickle Video Archive of The Austrian Gallery Belvedere has been relaunched based on ViMP. As a result it now combines the information value of a research archive with the usability of a video platform.

This video platform offers all possibilities of a state-of-the-art video archive. Media can be arranged thematically in categories or channels and they can be called up specifically via the search functionalities.

Events and activities of the artists will be announced in blog posts. Moreover, the latter can be found within a separate artists directory.


VOte for yoUr Best Selection - that's what VOUBS stands for. The ViMP-based media platform is an online contest network allowing users to create contests, join contests, upload media, vote for contributions and win prizes.

The platform counts more than 7,000 registered users already and 3,000 participants in the first six contents on the site.

ViMP has been modified, adapted and extended with various funtions in order to meet the individual contest requirements.

ViMP Videoportalsoftware - Screenshot GrillScouts


Grillscouts offers plenty of information with regard to the topic barbecue.

The website contains numerous barbecue recipes, helpful tips and tricks as well as reviews of selected grill equipment.

Grillsouts is based on ViMP with an extensively adapted layout.


German publisher Reiff-Verlag uses ViMP to integrate its media library into the regional portal "Baden Online".

Mittelbadische Presse.TV is the media platform for internet TV in the region of Ortenau/Germany.

ViMP integrates seamlessly into the Baden Online web presence and has been extended with a video code search amongst other things.


SkyRoomLive offers live streamed music concerts from all over the world as well as on-demand videos of past sessions.

Besides the traditional 2D view, live streams can also be watched in 3D alternatively.

Lean back in WebTV mode to consume predefined concert recodings without interruption.

The ViMP platform has been extended by the client individually and offers plenty of contents for fans of real live music.

Singing is fun - singing in a choir is rich in variety, exciting and very entertaining.

The new platform of INTERKULTUR, organizer of many international choir competitions and festivals, is the meeting place for choir singers and provides an exchange in the world of choral music.

Based on the ViMP framework the platform invites its visitors to participate with the slogan "Create the World of Voices".

The interactive website provides the opportunity to get involved and get in contact with others.

ViMP Referenzen - Screenshot


Lifestyler.TV regularly reports about regional and local clubs, bars, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, hotels and other exclusive and stylish locations in form of video contributions.
The professional video clips are moderated by known TV moderators and TV actors as well as by an own moderators team.
Lifestyler.TV is focused on businessmen and people interested in clubs, bars, fashion, beauty, fitness, cafés, restaurants, hotels and luxury.
Lifestyler.TV is based on ViMP Enterprise Ultimate that has been customized to the individual requirements of a lifestyle magazine., a high-reaching media and news platform, applies itself to the unusual and unexplained phenomena of our world and special topics that are being ignored or denied by the mainstream media.

The platform can bee seen as an alternative information source with unfiltered video, photo and audio contributions dedicated to critical topics that are hard to find within the mainstream media.

The platform has been relaunched in 2012 based on the ViMP framework, which has been extended and modified comprehensively to meet the portal requirements. is the regional portal for all the people who live in the Ruhr, were born or do work there or in any other way feel connected with the Ruhr.

The portal offers its visitors various information from the region in editorial channels by video and image presentation.

Users can upload their own records in thematic categories and in this way have a share in the embodiment of the portal.

Respective parts, such as for example the blogs or the channels, can be embedded to other websites, due to a special enhancement implementation.

Further adjustments to ViMP enhance the portal by various individual functions.


WEBTV.COOP is a non-profit cooperative with the mission to harness the potential of new communication technologies to promote the values of the social economy in conjunction with citizen's movements and emerging arts and culture. WEBTV.COOP offers its services to all citizens and organizations.

WEBTV.COOP has the most valuable and longest experience as a webcaster in internet content production in Canada and uses ViMP to broadcast its contents.

Media portal of the Police BW

The media portal of the police of Germany's state Baden-Wuerttemberg contains videos all around police work and professional training. 

The media portal has been realized based on ViMP and has been customized to the individual requirements of the police of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


MedienTube is the media portal of the Erzbistum Cologne and a join-in platform where users can contribute videos, audios and further media for catholic institutions.

In addition to user-generated content the media pool contains trailers of the rental program, preaching recordings and informations of the parishes.

MedienTube is based on the ViMP framework and includes custom adaptions and extensions.

Planet Tirol

Planet Tirol

"Show us your Tirol" was the motto of the Soulcountry Videocontest 2009 and on the 5th of February 2010 it gave the go-ahead for the online sport and film community.

Sports enthusiasts were encouraged to catch snowboard and skiing action in the mountains of Tirol with the own video camera and to upload it to the portal.

By online voting, a top-class Jury determined the contest’s winner from gangster-style, sunset-idyll and further video-sets. Furthermore the portal offers the enthusiastic film makers to share their work with others and to swap ideas on sports and films.

The Community was realized with ViMP (formerly AUVICA Media Framework) and enhanced with several functions, such as a event calendar, youtube-import and a facebook-connect.

At the start just designed for snowboarders and skiers, the Community will be enlarged on further sports from Tirol and be enhanced with several new functions in summer 2010.

The 2-year promotion campaign ended in March 2012.



The GfK Group, the biggest German company in market research and fourth biggest in the world, has chosen ViMP (formerly AUVICA Media Framework) as the basis of their internal video portal "video4u".

The standard functionality of ViMP already fulfilled most of the requirements. Additional needs among others were the ViMP Transcoding Service, as well as an LDAP- and Amazon-S3-connection for the scaleable display of the contents.

All GfK employees can make use of the video portal to get an directed insight to new methods, products and studies, to watch the CEO's webcasts or simply to get an impression of what's new in GfK all around the globe or upload a video themselves to share it with colleagues all over the world.

The whole is intented to be a contribution to knowledge exchange and to stimulate the internal communication.



On behalf of gotennis GmbH the new, innovative multimedia portal has been realized based on ViMP (formerly AUVICA Media Framework). gives all tennis players the possibility to improve their play by hundreds of editorial videos, high-speed clips, split screen versions and photo series from the areas of technics, training and matches.

Users can also be active within the community and gather lots of important information in the form of high-quality media contributions all about the topic tennis.

The portal was based on ViMP, which has been enhanced by numerous functions like a silde show view and subscription payment and was available from 2008 to 2014.

MTV Rookie

MTV Rookie

For MTV Networks Germany, a video community platform for a band-video-contest (09-15-08 to 05-31-09) was created in conjunction with MTV Rookie, a site where up and coming bands could compete against one another with submitted videos of their songs. The winner earned a record contract with a major label.

MTV Rookie was launched with the ViMP platform (formerly AUVICA Media Framework), and is highly performant, scalable, and is easily expanded and built upon.

Teenage Rockstar

Teenage Rockstar

Teenage Rockstar is an online casting platform that promotes young music talents. Prospective musicians at the age of 12 to 18 can upload a self-made vocal or instrumental video and get evaluated by other participants as well as by a professional jury.

Out of 1600 uploaded videos, 14 talents qualified themselves to participate in the Teenage Rockstar Summer Camp. There they will record their own CD and will produce a real rock show together with Christina Stürmer, one of the Summer Camp’s coaches, which will subsequently be broadcasted online, too.

The platform was launched by music producer and songwriter Christof Straub. The technical implementation is based on ViMP.

The utilized framework has been largely expanded and adjusted step by step to meet the requirements and favor the portal’s continuous advancement.

Hence a well-thought-out rating system, a top-100 chart list, as well as a large press section and various other functionalities have been integrated.

In 2012 the Teenage Rockstar platform has been integrated into the Global Rockstar platform.

VIVA Worthelden 08

VIVA Worthelden

As an additional portal for MTV Networks Germany GmbH, "VIVA Worthelden 08" was launched at the beginning of October, 2008. Here hobby and up-and-coming VJs can moderate their favorite clips, and make a donation for a good cause at the same time.

The project was sponsored by VIVA and NEW YORKER. Further sponsorship partners are the youth magazine YAM! and radio station Musikradio ENERGY.

The uploaded moderations will be converted into high quality and broadcast prior to the according songs at the VIVA Charity Day, a 24 hour charity event taking place on November 28, 2008.

Like MTV Rookie, "VIVA Worthelden 08" was based on ViMP (formerly AUVICA Media Framework), which brings the necessary high performance and stability to life.