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ViMP Video on Demand / Payment Extension

The easy way to monetize videos with ViMP: Add single payment or subscription features to your media platform and sell media online with our video on demand extension.

The Video on Demand (VOD) extension equips your ViMP platform with payment options for defined contents, selected channels or the complete media pool.

ViMP PayPal

Single payments are made with credits that can be purchased via PayPal.

Subscriptions are carried out directly via PayPal (subscriber model). 

Detailed transaction lists provide information about the number of purchases or sales within a configurable timeframe.

With the commission system certain users get revenue shares, if other users purchase one of their uploaded media.

The operation purposes for Video on Demand are various. The extension can also be used for video tutorials, webinars, distance learning courses, support or e-learning for companies, universities, schools or other educational institutions.

Video on Demand is also perfectly applicable in the field of entertainment/movies, art, health and consulting.

Feature overview

Payments are made with credits that can be loaded via PayPal.

Certain users can define prices for their uploaded media and receive a commission for each sale.

Media, channel or complete portal acitvations for a defined timeframe can be paid with credits for single payments.

Videos can be broadcasted via HTTP download (default) or alternatively via a streaming server.

Subscriptions are optionally available for channels or the complete portal contents. Payment of subscriptions is made directly via the payment provider and not within the credits system.

Detailed transaction lists provide information about all sales on the system.

A preview is generated automatically for fee required media. Video and audio files are shortend to a defined length, images are furnished with an individual watermark.

Media can be downloaded by the buyer optionally during activation period.

Application examples

Find exemplary ViMP Video on Demand references in the following:

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The Video on Demand extension for ViMP allows you to offer media with costs to your customers.

It is included in ViMP Ultimate and optionally available for ViMP Corporate Enterprise and ViMP Corporate Campus.

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