ViMP E-Learning Solutions

ViMP E-Learning Solutions

ViMP offers multiple ways to transport knowledge, based on media.

Either use the built-in ViMP features or easily connect ViMP to your learning management system (LMS).

See the e-learning fields of application in the following.

1. Media-based Knowledge Database

ViMP E-Learning Extension

The easiest e-learning case of application for ViMP is to use it as a knowledge database for your employees.

Media can be catalogued in different ways, e.g. via channels, albums, groups or categories.

Clearly definable media permissions ensure that each participant can only access those media files that he or she is authorized to.

There are manifold ways to use ViMP for knowledge transfer within your company.

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ViMP Corporate Enterprise and ViMP Corporate Campus can be used as a media-based knowledge database out-of-the-box.

2. LMS Extension

ViMP extents your Learning Management System (LMS) with video functionalities.

Simply embed videos into your learning courses and upload media directly in the LMS.

Media permissions will be considered completely, ensuring that media files are only accessible to authorized course participants. Permission verification is implemented via Single Sign On (SSO) between the LMS and ViMP.

ViMP Moodle Plugin

ViMP Moodle Plugin

Videos can be embedded into Moodle either as resources or within activities.

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With ILIAS we support another popular Learning Management System, enabling you to embed videos into learning courses.

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The Moodle and ILIAS plugins are available for free for ViMP Corporate Enterprise and ViMP Corporate Campus.

3. ViMP as a Learning Management System


With ViMP Corporate and the ViMP E-Learning extension you obtain a complete Learning Management System (LMS), allowing you to create learning courses with an unlimited number of learning media.

  • Each learning medium can be linked to a questionnaire which can be evaluated by the system automatically, if desired.
  • Learning courses can be accessible for public audience or for a closed group of users only.
  • Supplementary documents can be uploaded to learning courses and learning media.
  • "Coaches" can support "teachers" within a learning course. 
  • After a participant has finished a learning course successfully, a certificate can be sent our automatically.

  ViMP E-Learning Extension features

The E-Learning Extension is included in ViMP Corporate Campus and available separately for ViMP Corporate Enterprise.

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