ViMP Streaming Solutions

ViMP is perfectly suited for the broadcast of your livestreams and/or the provision of your videos on demand for a public or limited target group.

Provision of livestreams with ViMP

With ViMP you can play out your existing livestream to your target groups in the easiest way.

For each livestream you can determine whether it should be public or only available for subscribers. In the latter case an optional activation can be required, so that you can control the target group exactly.

Use cases

  • Broadcasting of lectures at universities
  • Livestreaming of events
  • Broadcasting of conferences or congresses
  • Livestreaming of company announcements
  • Broadcasting of course formats

Your livestreams can easily be 

  • integrated to other websites,
  • rated or liked,
  • shared via e-mail or social networks
  • and even be offered for a fee.

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Provide videos on demand via ViMP

ViMP on-demand video platform

ViMP offers all functions of an online video platform, over which you can provide your media.

Through extensive media authorizations and approval processes you can exactly control which groups of people are allowed to access which content.

Channels, categories and albums provide you with different tools to structure your media.

Groups provide an easy way to collaborate. For example, you can help project teams with media-based collaboration.

Thanks to bandwidth measurement, your videos are always delivered in optimal quality.

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