ViMP Ulitmate Edition
The WEB video CMS solution

ViMP Ultimate Edition

Scalable online video platform software
Open Source Code
Custom extensions possible
Smartphone & HTML5 support
12 months updates & support

Responsive design

Fits to every screen
on any device

Ultimate support

12 months
updates & support

Open source code

Optionally for custom development


Connect with
other applications

The ultimate Video CMS solution for your internet presence

ViMP has been designed especially for high traffic portals, high resolution videos, stable performance and online video, webTV or social media platforms with a strong coverage.

The strictly modular designed Video CMS aims to integrate into other applications or to extend them with its huge range of functions. As a result you can integrate ViMP as a video and community extension into your existing system.

ViMP Ultimate is available with open source code, allowing you to modify the code to your individual needs and extend it with custom functionalities.


Need an intranet video platform solution? Take a look at ViMP Corporate Enterprise!

For a topical reason:

Broadcast your events live or on demand with ViMP Ultimate!

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ViMP Ultimate is the right choice for you, if you...

  • are looking for a stand-alone video platform solution
  • (or) want to integrate a video platform into your existing website
  • want to have full control over your user data
  • want to monetize your videos (or not)
  • want to customize the appearance and functions to your individual requirements
  • want to be independent of YouTube, Vimeo or any other public video platform

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Media functions

Manage and publish media easily with ViMP.


Upload videos into the portal with only a few clicks or by drag'n'drop. Also from mobile devices.

Media Types

Besides video files, ViMP can also handle photos, audios and documents.

Thumbnail Views

ViMP users can choose between three different thumbnail views.


Various stickers emphasize certain media attributes additionally.


ViMP also supports livestreams that can be embedded into your ViMP platform.

WebTV Mode

ViMP includes a WebTV mode with rotating playlists and lean back experience.

ViMP WebTV Mode


Latest technology

ViMP supports modern web techniques, keeping your portal up-to-date.

Responsive Designs

ViMP contains different designs by default. Custom designs can be implemented with ease.

Smartphone Layout

An extra Smartphone layout makes ViMP also look great on iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

HLS Desktop Support

Enables HTTP Streaming even on desktop browsers.

HTML5 Support

Of course, ViMP is utterly HTML5 capable. No Flash required (but still available as fallback).


ViMP is accessible according to BITV 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.



ViMP Responsive Designs


Media structuring

ViMP includes several features to structure media for different purposes.


Media can be assigned to one or more categories. (Sub)Categories are an excellent way to filter media in ViMP.


Add editorial channels to your platform for different topics or departments. Users can subscribe to channels.


Albums can be created by users to present custom media collections. Albums are also predestined for events.


Use tags to add important search relevant keywords to your media.



ViMP Channels


Player features

Present your videos with our powerful ViMP media player.

HTML 5 first

ViMP uses its powerful HTML5 player by default. Flash is available as fallback.

Quality Selector

Select the best quality for your bandwidth in the ViMP player to ensure smooth playback.

Chapter Marks

Divide videos in multiple chapters with jump labels below the player.


Extend your videos with multi-lingual subtitles that can be selected within the player controls.

Seek preview

Preview images above the seek bar help you finding a particular position.

360 Degree

Our player supports the playback of 360 degree videos.

Audio descriptions

ViMP supports multiple switchable audio tracks per video.





ViMP HTML5 first


Commercialization tools

Gain revenues from your contents.

Banner Ads

Display banner ads by connecting to an external AdServer (like e.g. Revive).

VAST Video Ads

ViMP supports VAST 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads.

Commercial Use

This edition may be used for commercial purposes.

Video on Demand

The video on demand feature allows you to offer fee-based media.






ViMP Commercialization



Integrate ViMP into other systems or integrate other systems into ViMP - according to your requirements.

Embed Code

Videos can be embedded into other website easily with the embed code.

YouTube & Vimeo Import

Videos can be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo with a simple click.

YouTube Export

Export videos to your YouTube channel with the ease of a click.

Facebook Connect

Users can register and login via Facebook Connect optionally.

Facebook Comments

Enable Facebook comments instead of the ViMP comments optionally.

Platform features

ViMP offers useful functions beyond its media features.

Startpage Slider

Inform your visitors about news and important notes with the startpage slider.


Each registered user can participate the public blog and write his own blog posts.

Activities Stream

User actions can be shown to other users within the activities stream.


ViMP Startpage Slider



The comprehensive administration panel of ViMP allows you to manage your contents and adapt the software to your very individual requirements.

Content management

All contents (media, users, static pages, slides, etc.) can be managed in the admin panel with ease.


The Dashboard presents the most important statistics at a glance.


Various configuration options to individually customize your portal.


Meaningful statistics about the views of the different media contents.


Setup your portal with predefined configuration templates with just one click.

Menu Configuration

Easily create your custom menu structure with sub menus.


ViMP talks (almost) all languages you desire thanks to i18n and UTF-8 support.


ViMP contains an accessible layout, which also allows users with physical limitations to use our software.


ViMP Multilingualism


ViMP makes it easy to customize or extend your platform or to integrate it with other systems.

Open Source Code

ViMP can be provided with open source code optionally and thus can be enhanced as desired.


The API enables other applications to communicate with ViMP.


Product Support

We don't let you down on issues, but offer different support channels.


Free product updates via our website during your update period.


Priority support via our ticket system included during your update period.


Find answers to common questions in our online FAQ.

Forum Support

Free forum support for technical questions from other users and our staff.



ViMP Product Support


Additional Services and Extensions

In addition to the standard scope of functions we offer the following services and extensions.

ViMP Transcoding Service

Alternatively to the standard open source transcoding, ViMP offers a professional cloud-based transcoding service.

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ViMP Hosting

You can install ViMP on your own servers - or buy one of our ViMP Hosting solutions.

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ViMP Product Support


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