ViMP Video Editor Extension

Add the finishing touch to your videos before they go online with the ViMP Video Editor.

  • Fully browser-based
  • No additional software insallation required
  • OS independent
  • No video editing knowledge required
  • Seamlessly integrated into ViMP
ViMP Video Editor Extension

The ViMP Video Editor extension allows you to refine your already uploaded videos in ViMP. It allows you to cut videos, change their speed, apply a predefined template and create picture-in-picture videos.

Video Editor Features


Video Editing

Cut your videos accurate up to a tenth of a second.

ViMP Video Editor operates completely within your browser and doesn't require any additional browser add-ons.

ViMP Video Editor - Cutting videos

Consistent look with video templates

All of your uploaded videos obtain a consistent look with the help of individual created video templates. Select one of our predefined default templates after video upload or choose your own individual template and the ViMP Video Editor takes care of the rest by applying the according frame.

ViMP Video Editor Templates


With the ViMP Video Editor you can easily create picture-in-picture videos. Individual images can be combined with a video, which can be used, for example, to enhance presentations by displaying a small speaker's video. The video editor extracts the images automatically from a presentation file, if desired.

ViMP Video Editor Picture-in-Picture

Speed Adjustment

You can change the playback speed of the video. The video is re-transcoded at the specified deceleration or acceleration.

ViMP Video Editor Speed Adjustments

Intros and Outros

Add an unified intro and outro to each uploaded video.
The layout of both elements can be designed individually, too.

ViMP Video Editor Intros and Outros


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ViMP Video Editor is an optional extension of ViMP, available for ViMP Corporate Enterprise and ViMP Corporate Campus.

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