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How to create a YouTube API Key?

Editions: Module YouTube Import/Vimeo Import
Versions: 3.1.6+
Since ViMP 3.1.6 a Youtube API Key is required to import YouTube videos.
Prerequisite for that is a Google-Account and a Google Projekt.

Create a Google project

Open the Google Developers Console and create a new project.
Choose a "Project name" that will let you recognize the project in the console.
You are being forwarded directly to the project settings site afterwards.

Enable the Youtube API for the new project

Open APIs & Auth > APIs on the left side and choose YouTube Data API  in the main section. Click Enable API.

Create Key

Next you have to create the key:
At APIs & auth > Credentials > Public API access create a new key.
Choose Browser key as the videos will be imported via the browser.
Optional it is possible to restrict the key to certain domains. Create the key now.
You find the key in your project settings at APIs & Auth > Credentials.

Add Key to the ViMP Backend

Copy the API key into the backend of ViMP at > Configuration -> Youtube Import > Youtube API key .
If activated, the YouTube import is available in the frontend immediately.

Last update on 2015/05/12 by SUPPORT.

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