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Dear Vimp Support,

I noticed that if I enter UTF character (such as "%", "$", "#" or "你") as the video title, Vimp will not be able to translate them into UTF code for the URL. When I tried to access the video, it wont be found unless it enter something between // on the url. (See Pic 1)

The UTF code should be as follow:
A character "ē" should be "%C4%93" but Vimp translate it to "e"
A Chinese character "你" should be "%E4%BD%A0" but vimp can't translate it
A special character "$" should be "%24%0A" but vimp can't translate it

I am currently using Vimp 3.6.3 and applied Chinese language pack and UTF-8 Charset Fix but still not working.

Furthermore, I tried to use the search function, it is able to translate the UTF character to the UTF code for the URL. (See Pic 2)

Video under category also encounter the same issue. (See Pic 3)

Please kindly advise.


Pic 1 - Video Hyperlink

Pic 2 - Search Function

Pic 3 - Category Video
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