The Technology behind

Stable and reliable


ViMP fulfills highest demands in terms of development

Performance and Stability

ViMP’s performance is flexibly scalable. ViMP was designed especially for high traffic portals with many users and a large number of media files.

Due to integrated and configurable caching mechanisms, single requests, partial sites
or even whole sites of the application can be buffered and provided faster and without additional database requests.

Using this technology, an almost constant page presentation can be guaranteed even if the number of users and media files increases rapidly.


Modularität von ViMP

ViMP is designed very modular. New functions can be implemented as plugin in most cases.

The core of the framework contains all basic functions, plugins and modules separate special functional areas.

symfony PHP Framework

ViMP is based on the well-known PHP Framework symfony, which was designed especially for building robust applications in an enterprise context.

It is developed completely object-oriented in PHP 5. To connect to common database systems, it uses object-relational mapping (ORM). Moreover the most modern techniques in internationalization (i18n) have been assembled.

Based on this approved framework the most complex developments can be conducted in the shortest time with a
short training period.  

Enterprises like Yahoo,, Gruner+Jahr and many other well-known companies count on the PHP symfony framework. 

Development using the MVC model

The development is strictly geared to the MVC model (Model-View-Controller). 

Frontend and backend applications as well, e.g. for administrating the portal, access the same data model. That way hardly no frictional losses result when designing the portal individually.

Due to the MVC model the three scopes data model, presentation and program control are separated from each other. Thus layout adaptions are possible without the need to modifiy the program code for example.