ViMP Transcoding Service

The external transcoding solution


The fastest and most effective way to transcode your ViMP videos

Of course, all editions of ViMP work with the free transcoding tools ffmpeg and Mencoder. But for the allocation of your media in best quality, with the ViMP Transcoding Service, we offer a high-performance and high-quality service which prepares and provides your media in best quality and at high capacity.

For direct playback with the Flash player the videos can be encoded into MP4 (H.264 codec) or FLV (VP6 codec).

Additional a variety of other formats is possible, e.g. WebM or OGV for HTML5 playback on mobile devices.

Media files uploaded in your portal are automatically forwarded to the transcoding service, converted with the desired settings and finally automatically integrated into the framework with all dedicated meta-data.

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Transcoding Comparison

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Transcoding Service

Professional, cloud-based transcoding of your videos in high quality.
From 49.00
  VAT included

*) For one-time transcoding of the videos after upload.     
Cancellation period of the transcoding service is one month before the end of the month.     
Note: HD minutes (1280x720px or larger) are charged twice (1min HD output = 2min charged).     
Note: UHD minutes (2048x1080px or larger) are charged quadruply (1min UHD output = 4min charged).     
At exceedance of the monthly contingent, the next necessary package to cover the exeedance will be charged automatically in addition.     

Benefits of the Transcoding Service compared to the free OpenSource Transcoding

By using the latest professional codecs the transcoding service delivers better results than the OpenSource transcoding can do.

 External transcoding
Video encoding is a computationally very intensive process that requires a lot of server performance. The external transcoding doesn't stress your server what results in more power for serving your websites and videos.

 Transcoding speed
Due to parallel processing of incoming transcoding jobs and a powerful cloud solution, transcoding of a single video incl. mobile and HTML5 formats happens many times faster in average compared to the OpenSource transcoding on your server, which processes videos sequential.

 Scalability due to cloud solution
Especially, if many videos are uploaded simultaneously, time savings exponentiate and you benefit from the parallel transcoding with enormous speed advantages compared to OpenSource transcoding on your server.

The transcoding service supports almost any video input format and additional to FLV/VP6 and MP4/H.264 the following output formats: VP8, Ogg Theora, MPEG-4, 3GP, WMV.

Contrary to the OpenSource transcoding the transcoding service can encode a watermark right into the video (important for downloadable videos).

Thumbnails can be generated at random or at a predefined timestamp.

Videos can be rotated in 90 degree steps.

 Transcoding into several formats
By request videos can be encoded into several formats (e.g. FLV and MP4 for mobile devices additionally).

 Video cut
Video can be cut to a defined run-time, e.g. for providing previews for videos with costs (requires a appropriate code extension in your portal).

Significant advantage in terms of speed with the ViMP Transcoding Service