Why ViMP

  • The most secure cloud is your corporate network
    ViMP is a unique social video software and can be operated in a completely closed intranet environment and thus gives you 100% control and security of your data.
  • All functions that you need
    ViMP with its numerous features is more than just embedding video into a website - it is a reliable solution for all future requirements!
  • Rapid deployment
    Immediate and "out-of-the-box" operation possible, the software can be installed and configured quickly and with ease.
  • Custom modifications
    Full flexibility in custom adaptions and extensions according to your requirements (graphics, functions & implementation).
  • Established video solution
    10 years of software development and more than 55.000 customers make ViMP one of the world's most professional and stable video platforms.
  • Transparent cost model
    Complete control of your running costs. No unexpected volume-dependent costs in addition to the fixed user-dependent license fees.


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ViMP Company Video

ViMP Company Video

Top Reference AUDI AG

Reference Audi AG

 AUDI AG uses ViMP company-wide as its web-based video platform and central Digital Asset Management System within the intranet. ViMP Corporate turned out to be the ideal solution, because it can be adapted individually to any custom requirements besides its huge existing range of functions. Examples include the connection to Adobe CQ and IBM Websphere as well as the conncetion to the internal LDAP system and porting to an Oracle database.

In addition to the integration into existing systems ViMP has not only been adapted functionally, but also graphically to the requirements and Corporate Design and thus integrates seamlessly into the appearance of the AUDI AG.