VIMP Ultimate

The solution for public online video portals

Your complete video-on-demand portal

The ultimate video platform solution
for your online presence

Responsive Design

Fits to every screen on any device

Ultimate Support

12 months updates & support

Open source code

Optionally for custom development


Connect with other applications

VIMP has been designed especially for high traffic portals, high resolution videos, stable performance and online video, webTV or social media platforms with a strong coverage.

The strictly modular designed online video management system aims to integrate into other applications or to extend them with its huge range of functions. As a result you can integrate VIMP as a video and community extension into your existing system.

VIMP Ultimate is available with open source code, allowing you to modify the code to your individual needs and extend it with custom functionalities.

VIMP Ultimate is the right choice for you, if you:

are looking for a stand-alone, public online video platform solution (video-on-demand)

(or) want to integrate a video platform into your existing website
want to have full control over your user data

want to monetize your videos (or not)

want to customize the appearance and functions to your individual requirements
want to be independent of YouTube, Vimeo or any other public video platform

The functions in detail

Manage and publish media easily with ViMP.

Media functions

VIMP Enterprise


Upload videos into the portal with only a few clicks or by drag’n’drop. Also from mobile devices.

Media Types

Besides video files, VIMP can also handle photos, audios and documents.


VIMP users can choose between three different thumbnail views.


VIMP includes a WebTV mode with rotating playlists and lean back experience.

Globale playlists

VIMP includes a WebTV mode with rotating playlists and lean back experience.

Automatic Transcriptions

VIMP includes an interface to a professional transcription service (speech-to-text).


Various stickers emphasize certain media attributes additionally.


VIMP also supports livestreams that can be embedded into your VIMP platform.

Our powerful media player

Player features

VIMP uses a powerful HTML5 Player

VIMP Player


Quality Selector

Select the best quality for your bandwidth in the ViMP player to ensure smooth playback.

Chapter Marks

Divide videos in multiple chapters with jump labels below the player.


Extend your videos with multi-lingual subtitles that can be selected within the player controls.

Seek preview

Preview images above the seek bar help you finding a particular position.

360 Degree

Our player supports the playback of 360 degree videos.

Audio descriptions

VIMP supports multiple switchable audio tracks per video.
Gain revenues from your contents.

Commercialization tools

Banner Ads

Display banner ads by connecting to an external AdServer (like e.g. Revive).

VAST Video Ads

VIMP supports VAST 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads.

Commercial usage

This edition may be used for commercial purposes.

Video on Demand

The video on demand feature allows you to offer fee-based media.

A perfect combination


VIMP Enterprise

Interfaces & Plug-Ins

Embed code

Videos can be embedded into other website easily with the embed code.

YouTube & Vimeo Import

Videos can be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo with a simple click.

YouTube Export

Export videos to your YouTube channel with the ease of a click.

Facebook Connect

Users can register and login via Facebook Connect optionally.

Facebook Comments

Enable Facebook comments instead of the VIMP comments optionally.

Powerful integration and customization

Easy integration with other systems

Open Source Code

VIMP can be provided with open source code optionally and thus can be enhanced as desired


The API enables other applications to communicate with VIMP

VIMP Ultimate | Integrationen

Interfaces & Plug-Ins

Embed Code

Videos can be embedded into other website easily with the embed code.


VIMP can be easily connected to ElasticSearch.

Adapt the software to your needs


The comprehensive administration panel of ViMP allows you to manage your contents and adapt the software to your very individual requirements.


Content management

All contents (media, users, static pages, slides, etc.) can be managed in the admin panel with ease.


The Dashboard presents the most important statistics at a glance.


Various configuration options to individually customize your portal.


Setup your portal with predefined configuration templates with just one click.

Menu Configuration

Easily create your custom menu structure with sub menus.


ViMP talks (almost) all languages you desire thanks to i18n and UTF-8 support.

Further flexibility

Additional Services and Extensions

VIMP Transcoding Service

Alternatively to the standard open source transcoding, VIMP offers a professional cloud-based transcoding service.


You can install VIMP on your own servers – or buy one of our ViMP Hosting solutions.

Start your free trial today!

or call us:

+49 (89) 12001020

Frequently asked questions about VIMP Ultimate Edition

VIMP requires in the first step a dedicated or virtual server, which you can host either internally or through us. In addition, there are certain technical requirements regarding hardware and software. Detailed information and step-by-step documentation for your successful start with VIMP can be found on our support website.

Yes, the browser-based as well as user-friendly VIMP Video Editor allows you to subsequently refine your videos already uploaded in VIMP. With VIMP Video Editor you can trim videos, change the speed, apply a predefined template and create picture-in-picture videos.

We don’t let you down if you have questions, but will offer you assistance through various channels: Through our website, you will receive ongoing free updates as part of your license. With VIMP, you benefit from priority help via our ticket system within your support period. In addition, frequently asked questions are answered in our question-and-answer collection.

Yes, VIMP meets the necessary requirements of the GDPR. Basically, you should always use VIMP in the most current version, since the exact requirements for software products with regard to the GDPR will certainly keep changing over time via precedents. For more detailed information on the GDPR and the corresponding features available in VIMP for data protection, please feel free to visit our support website.


We don’t let you down on issues, but offer different support channels.


With this version, you will receive continuous free updates via our website as part of your license.


With VIMP, you get priority help through our ticket system within your support period.


In our question and answer collection you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

VIMP Trainings

Our VIMP training courses provide you with a quick and targeted introduction to our video platform solutions.

More Resources

Feature List




VIMP Installation Service

Leave the complete installation process of your VIMP platform to us.


The VIMP installation service includes:

To access your server from the outside, we need the following:

We recommend Linux as operating system. An installation under UNIX, BSD or Windows is also possible, but is not officially supported by us.

Minimum server requirements for installing VIMP:




Please install the transcoding tools exactly as described in the documentation. Installing the standard packages is not sufficient due to patent regulations.

CSS modifications
To concatenate modified CSS files, npm must be installed.


As a minimum requirement we recommend:

For productive use we recommend:

We recommend using a RAID controller for additional data security.

Minimum server requirements to install VIMP:




The transcoding tools should be installed exactly as described in the documentation. Due to patent protections it’s not sufficient to install the default packages.

CSS customizations
In order to concatenate modified CSS files, npm must be installed.


As a minimum requirement we recommend:

For productive use we recommend

For additional data security, we recommend using a RAID controller.

VIMP Installationsservice

Überlassen Sie den kompletten Installationsprozess Ihrer VIMP-Plattform uns.


Der VIMP Installationsservice beinhaltet:

  • Vorbereitung Ihres Servers
  • Installation der erworbenen VIMP Software
  • Installation der Transcoding Tools

Um von außen auf Ihren Server zugreifen zu können, benötigen wir folgendes:

  • SSH-Zugriff auf Ihren Server (idealerweise als root)
  • Vorinstalliertes Hosting (Apache + MySQL/MariaDB)

Wir empfehlen Linux als Betriebssystem. Eine Installation unter UNIX, BSD oder Windows ist ebenfalls möglich, wird von uns aber nicht offiziell unterstützt.

Minimale Servervoraussetzungen für die Installation von VIMP:


  • Apache2
    • Version 2.4 empfohlen
  • oder NGINX


  • Version 7.1 – 8.0
  • GD-Bibliothek, openssl, cURL, MySQL, mbstring, PDO, pdo_mysql und XSL-Erweiterungen müssen installiert sein
  • PHP CLI (Command Line Interface) muss installiert sein
  • SourceGuardian Extension (außer für ViMP Ultimate Extended)


  • MySQL: Version 5.7 – 8.0
  • MariaDB: Mindestens Version 10.2
  • InnoDB muss installiert sein

Die Transcoding-Tools bitte genau wie in der Dokumentation beschrieben installieren. Die Installation der Standardpakete ist aufgrund patentrechtlicher Bestimmungen nicht ausreichend.

  • FFmpeg
  • FFProbe
  • exiftool (>10.8)
  • time

Um modifizierte CSS-Dateien zu verketten, muss npm installiert sein.


Als Mindestanforderung empfehlen wir:

  • Quad-Core-Prozessor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Festplattenspeicher (die benötigte Größe hängt im Wesentlichen von der Medienzahl ab)

Für den produktiven Einsatz empfehlen wir:

  • Hexa-Core-Prozessor oder besser (mehr Kerne ermöglichen insbesondere eine schnellere Transcodierung der Medien)
  • 32 GB RAM oder mehr
  • 2000 GB Festplattenspeicher oder mehr (die benötigte Größe hängt im Wesentlichen von der Medienzahl ab)

Wir empfehlen die Verwendung eines RAID-Controllers für zusätzliche Datensicherheit.

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VIMP Feature List

General functions
VIMP Ultimate
Commercial use
Intranet/Extranet use (closed environment)
Stand-alone online video platform
Easy integration into other websites
On-premises installation possible
Managed hosting possible
Platform functions
VIMP Ultimate
Multilingualism (i18n)
Full text search
Search engine friendly URLs
Animated start page slider
Extensive configuration options
Functions can be activated/deactivated individually
Personalized content (Recommendations, Continue watching)
Media functions
VIMP Ultimate
Media types: video, audio, picture, document
Comment, rate, like and favor media
Share media via e-mail or on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
Embed media on other websites
Copy media
Replace media
Media versioning
Audio descriptions
Video transcriptions (Speech-to-Text)
Text-to-Speech for media descriptions
Featured media box
Recommended media list
Category and time filters for media lists
Media download
Media attachments
Export media to YouTube
Publish media public, private, hidden or password protected
Time-controlled media publication
Media categories
Closed media view (login required for media access)
Offer fee-based media (PayPal Plus)
Google Maps integration for media location
Media channels
Media albums
Meda playlists (public/private)
Detailed media statistics about Matomo Media Analytics
Video Editor extension
Media transfer between users
Create, import and export subtitles
Layout und Design
VIMP Ultimate
Completely CSS/HTML based, customizable templates
Responsive Design
OCEAN Template
PACIFIC Template
Several template skins included
Horizontal and vertical navigation
Accessibility layout included (BITV 2.0 / WCAG 2.1)
Configurable and hideable sidebar
Media import, Upload and Transcoding
VIMP Ultimate
Drag’n’Drop HTML5 uploader with progress bar
Media import from local directory or (S)FTP
Batch upload (upload multiple files at once)
Native browser upload mobile devices
Token-based guest upload
Webcam Recording
Videos will be transcoded into required web video formats (MP4) automatically
Videos will be transcoded into definable additional qualities optionally
Thumbnails will be generated automatically
Thumbnail image selection during the upload process
Parallel transcoding of uploaded media files
Transcoding prioritization
Transcoding WebService support
Viral functions and Sharing
VIMP Ultimate
Embeddable HTML5 player; embed contents on other websites/blogs
Embed code generator
Facebook and Twitter Share
Share with e-mail
Share with QR code
Share with oEmbed
Password protected sharing
VIMP Player
VIMP Ultimate
Video.js or VIMP Player
HTML5 Player
Optional Flash fallback for old browsers
Wide screen support (16:9)
Individual watermark overlay
H.264/MP4 support
Fullscreen support
Chapter marks
Seek preview
360 degree video support
Adjustable speed (slow motion / fast motion)
Streaming server support (HLS, RTMP)
Adaptive bitrate support (ABR für HLS)
VAST video ads
Player embeddable into other websites
Theater mode
Selectable video qualities
Livestream support (incl. nDVR)
Keyboard control
Collaboration and interaction
VIMP Ultimate
Groups (public and private)
Blogs (with comments)
E-Learning extension
Create public webchannels outside the intranet
VIMP Ultimate
Integrated user management
LDAP interface
SAML 2.0/Shibboleth authentication
Facebook Connect
Role mapping for LDAP and SAML
Single Sign On (SSO) (via SAML)
Export user data
VIMP Ultimate
Open source code
Cluster operation possible
LMS Plugins for Moodle and ILIAS
Connection to eCDN possible
Connection to ElasticSearch possible
Connection to Amberscript possible
Template manager
VIMP Ultimate
SSL operation possible
Media files not reachable directly (protected media folder)
Media tokens (permissions will be checked with every access)
Secure user passwords
Media permissions (access can be restricted to definable user roles)
Approval workflows (uploaded media have to be approved)
URL signing (embedding only possible on shared domains; HLS)
Extensive rights management
VIMP Ultimate
Media export
User export
Force password renewal after defined period
Force password renewal after login
Password security levels configurable
Cookie Consent
Double Opt-In for registration and newsletter
Two-level deletion function for users and media
IP anonymization
Administration panel
VIMP Ultimate
Secured administration panel (content-/user management, statistics)
Dashboard with important key figures
Media Management
Upload Token Management
User Management
Groups management
Channels management
Album management
Livestreams management
Tags management
Forums management
Newsletter management
Blogs management
E-Learning management
Slideshow management
Advertisement management
Management of static pages (Imprint, gtc, etc.)
Menu editor
Category management
Platform statistics
Language management
Template management
Activities log / system log
LDAP connection
SAML connection
Extended rights and roles management
Extended media permissions management
Approval Workflows
Client management
VIMP Ultimate
Commercial use
White labeling
Intranet/Extranet operation permitted
Helpdesk ticket support