ViMP Corporate Campus
For universities and schools

Video integration for your educational institution

ViMP Corporate Campus is a complete stand-alone internal video platform and also extends your LMS with video functionalities.

  • Campus video platform solution
  • Contains all features of ViMP Corporate Enterprise
  • Moodle and ILIAS Plugins
  • E-learning extension
  • LDAP interface connects ViMP with your AD
  • Extended support

Campus video solution

Runs within your network

Responsive design

Fits to every screen

E-learning extension

Video-based learning courses

Easy integration


Benefits of ViMP Corporate Campus

With ViMP Corporate Campus we offer a special edition of ViMP, adjusted to the requirements and needs of universities and schools considering both functionality and price.

All media files are stored at one place and can be accessed either directly via the web portal or decentralized as an embedded file within other systems.

ViMP plugins for Moodle and ILIAS

To use video content in the popular learning management systems (LMS) Moodle and ILIAS, we already provide according plugins.

In addition, further systems can be connected easily to ViMP via its API.

One major advantage of ViMP is that your institution, as being the operator of the platform, keeps full control over all uploaded media and over all registered user accounts at any time.

ViMP can be customized easily to your specific needs in both functional and graphical manner. Thus, you are always prepared for future requirements.

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What are the main features of ViMP Corporate Campus?

Media Asset Management

Upload, transcode, archive and deliver all media.

Embed and Share

Easily embed videos on websites and social networks.

User Management

Integrated user administration, optionally with LDAP authentication.

ViMP E-Learning

Video integration in LMS, e.g. Moodle, ILIAS, and video-based learning courses directly in ViMP.

ViMP Video Editor (optional)

Cut, merge and standardize videos within the browser after upload.

Webcam Recording (beta)

Record video streams from your webcam into ViMP directly.


Content accessibility only for authorized users.


Simple integration of livestreams without prior technical knowledge.


Seamless integration into existing systems thanks to an comprehensive API.

ViMP Corporate Campus is the right choice for you, if you...

  • are a public educational institution (university, college, school)
  • are looking for a campus video solution with extended features
  • want to have full control over your data
  • want to establish video-based e-learning
  • want to fully integrate a video solution into your existing infrastructure
  • need to make adaptions or extend the given solution with custom plugins

The following educational institutions already use ViMP:

  • Manukau Institute of Technology Auckland (NZ)
  • The University of Hong Kong (HK)
  • Western Academy of Beijing (CN)
  • HighMark Charter School, Utah (US)
  • Greenville City Schools, Greenville (US)
  • Lawrance Public Schools, Kansas (US)
  • Weber School District Utah (US)
  • Ryerson University, Toronto (CAN)
  • Duoc UC, Universität Santiago (CHL)
  • Sunshine Coast Grammar School (AUS)
  • The King's School (AUS)
  • Stafford College (UK)
  • University of Limerick (IRL)
  • University of Cagliari (IT)
  • University of Pisa (IT)
  • Zurich College of Arts (CH)
  • FH Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Art (DE)
  • University of Freiburg (DE)
  • OTH Regensburg (DE)
  • Technical University Bergakademie of Freiberg (DE)
  • University of Economics & Tech., Berlin (DE)
  • University of Health, Bochum (DE)
  • University of Kassel (DE)
  • University of Pforzheim (DE)
  • Europe University Viadrina (DE)
  • University of Paderborn (DE)
  • University of Merseburg (DE)
  • University Network of Baden-Wuerttemberg (DE)

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ViMP advantages

  • Established Video CMS
    ViMP has been developed continuously for more than 8 years.
  • Flexible
    ViMP can be adapted to your current systems easily.
  • Scalable
    ViMP grows with your future requirements.
  • Everything under control
    Complete control over content and users.
  • Internal or external
    ViMP can be operated both on your own servers and on our servers.

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