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About VIMP

VIMP GmbH is a leading provider of an enterprise video platform for companies, educational institutions, authorities and banks.

Full video platform features

VIMP brings all the features
a successful video platform needs

Since more than 12 years VIMP develops a software solution (Video CMS), which is comparable to YouTube in its core functionality. However, the focus is on business applications for the enterprise environment. The platform supports video-based communication and collaboration in companies and also ensures significant productivity increases and cost savings with the e-learning extension in knowledge transfer.

Reference customers such as Daimler AG, Audi AG, Siemens, various police authorities and ministries, Deutsche Bahn, Samsung, Sparkasse, Panasonic or RWE prove the professionalism and sustainability of this platform. In addition, VIMP can reference around 60,000 international customers.

VIMP is your all-in-one video platform

Our solutions for your use case

For enterprises and authorities

VIMP Enterprise

VIMP Enterprise functionally represents a kind of YouTube for companies, but offers even more of its own possibilities especially for the internal environment.

For educational institutions

VIMP Campus

With VIMP Campus we offer a special edition of VIMP, which is exactly tailored to the needs of universities and schools.

For web

VIMP Ultimate

VIMP Ultimate is your scalable video platform software for the web. It is available with open source code, allowing you to customize it to your individual needs or extend it with additional features.

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