Efficient onboarding and offboarding

Digital onboarding with video solutions

Make our video solution VIMP your central portal in the company for digital employee onboarding as well as training and knowledge transfer!

With our intuitive user interface, you can easily create and share welcome videos, software training, webinars, livestreams and instructional videos. No technical knowledge is required. This means your new employees can get up to speed no matter where they are or when they arrive and access relevant information from anywhere.

This seamless onboarding ensures that your new team members are productive and motivated from the start.

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Digital and sustainable for optimal training

Promote an environmentally conscious corporate culture and reduce paper consumption with VIMP. Leverage our multiple features and benefits to enable successful onboarding and continuous knowledge development for your employees. With VIMP, you can accelerate the onboarding process and increase corporate productivity.

Easily create webcam and screen recordings directly from the browser in VIMP and create tutorials and trainings in no time.

Contact us for detailed information about the possibilities with VIMP.

Effective knowledge transfer with VIMP E-Learning

Use our E-learning extension to create customized interactive training sessions, learning content, and tests that increase your employees’ learning engagement. Test your employees’ learned knowledge and enable continuous learning.

Thanks to VIMP E-Learning, your employees can refresh their knowledge at any time and develop in a targeted manner.

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VIMP Videoplattform auf verschiedenen Geräten

Highest safety standards and accessibility

VIMP is 100% GDPR-compliant and relies on the highest level of security measures so that your sensitive data is secured at all times. In addition, with VIMP you can provide your employees with a barrier-free platform according to WCAG 2.1 to enable unhindered access for everyone.

In addition, you can also operate VIMP on-premises and thus retain maximum control over your data and content at all times.

Find out more about our privacy and security measures now.

Advantages for employers and employees

Optimize your onboarding processes

Do not leave your onboarding and offboarding processes to chance. Rely on VIMP and benefit from a first-class video platform solution that optimizes your processes and saves you time as well as resources. Take the chance and contact us now to get more information and discuss your individual solution. Together we will find the perfect VIMP solution for your company!

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Improving employee retention through structured onboarding (Source: Glassdoor)

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Higher productivity with continuous training (Source: IBM)

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Reducing training time through digital e-learning tools (Source: Brandon Hall Group)

Professional offboarding

Design the farewell process with VIMP and offer farewell videos and feedback rounds to show your appreciation. Retain valuable knowledge and experience of your employees through a structured offboarding process and maintain a positive image as an employer for future collaboration.

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Secure data and fast support

We will not leave you in the dark if you have any questions, but will offer you assistance through various channels.

Managed Hosting

Secure and scalable as needed in an ISO 27001 certified data centre in Germany.


VIMP and the data centres involved are of course 100% GDPR-compliant.


VIMP includes all security mechanisms to optimally protect your users and media.

Customer support

We support our customers at all times on various channels with short response times.

Frequently asked questions about VIMP

You can adapt the design of VIMP to your individual style guide. For this you can create your own skin on the one hand or your own template on the other hand. For more detailed information, please visit our support website.

Yes, VIMP allows you to import video files from different systems via the VIMP API. For example, you can import videos from YouTube and Vimeo via the upload form. All the required metadata (such as title, description, thumbnail) is entered into the form fields via the interface to YouTube and Vimeo. In addition, the media import module in VIMP allows you to import media from a local directory or from a remote FTP server.

Besides videos, VIMP also supports photos, audio files and common document formats.

VIMP is barrier-free according to BITV 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.

VIMP uses up-to-date security mechanisms to optimally protect your media and allow access only to authorized users. Media permissions can be defined individually based on user roles.

Yes, VIMP provides multi-client capability for rolling out access-restricted subportals.
VIMP can be easily connected to your Azure Active Directory via LDAP or SAML.

VIMP Installation Service

Leave the complete installation process of your VIMP platform to us.


The VIMP installation service includes:

To access your server from the outside, we need the following:

We recommend Linux as operating system. An installation under UNIX, BSD or Windows is also possible, but is not officially supported by us.

Minimum server requirements for installing VIMP:




Please install the transcoding tools exactly as described in the documentation. Installing the standard packages is not sufficient due to patent regulations.

CSS modifications
To concatenate modified CSS files, npm must be installed.


As a minimum requirement we recommend:

For productive use we recommend:

We recommend using a RAID controller for additional data security.

VIMP Installationsservice

Überlassen Sie den kompletten Installationsprozess Ihrer VIMP-Plattform uns.


Der VIMP Installationsservice beinhaltet:

  • Vorbereitung Ihres Servers
  • Installation der erworbenen VIMP Software
  • Installation der Transcoding Tools

Um von außen auf Ihren Server zugreifen zu können, benötigen wir folgendes:

  • SSH-Zugriff auf Ihren Server (idealerweise als root)
  • Vorinstalliertes Hosting (Apache + MySQL/MariaDB)

Wir empfehlen Linux als Betriebssystem. Eine Installation unter UNIX, BSD oder Windows ist ebenfalls möglich, wird von uns aber nicht offiziell unterstützt.

Minimale Servervoraussetzungen für die Installation von VIMP:


  • Apache2
    • Version 2.4 empfohlen
  • oder NGINX


  • Version 7.1 – 8.0
  • GD-Bibliothek, openssl, cURL, MySQL, mbstring, PDO, pdo_mysql und XSL-Erweiterungen müssen installiert sein
  • PHP CLI (Command Line Interface) muss installiert sein
  • SourceGuardian Extension (außer für ViMP Ultimate Extended)


  • MySQL: Version 5.7 – 8.0
  • MariaDB: Mindestens Version 10.2
  • InnoDB muss installiert sein

Die Transcoding-Tools bitte genau wie in der Dokumentation beschrieben installieren. Die Installation der Standardpakete ist aufgrund patentrechtlicher Bestimmungen nicht ausreichend.

  • FFmpeg
  • FFProbe
  • exiftool (>10.8)
  • time

Um modifizierte CSS-Dateien zu verketten, muss npm installiert sein.


Als Mindestanforderung empfehlen wir:

  • Quad-Core-Prozessor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Festplattenspeicher (die benötigte Größe hängt im Wesentlichen von der Medienzahl ab)

Für den produktiven Einsatz empfehlen wir:

  • Hexa-Core-Prozessor oder besser (mehr Kerne ermöglichen insbesondere eine schnellere Transcodierung der Medien)
  • 32 GB RAM oder mehr
  • 2000 GB Festplattenspeicher oder mehr (die benötigte Größe hängt im Wesentlichen von der Medienzahl ab)

Wir empfehlen die Verwendung eines RAID-Controllers für zusätzliche Datensicherheit.

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