E-Learning with ViMP


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E-Learning with ViMP

E-Learning with ViMP

Online videos are an effective way to transfer knowledge quickly and effectively in today's learning environment. Especially for employees in companies and students at universities, videos offer great advantages compared to learning with other media. Information can be captured better through moving images, and theory and practice can easily be combined. Read in this blog post, how ViMP acts as a knowledge transfer tool or learning management system and which advantages e-learning entails in contrast to other possibilities of knowledge transfer.

ViMP as a Knowledge Transfer

With ViMP you can easily and effectively transfer knowledge based on videos and other media genres. Especially in companies the e-learning application as a kind of knowledge database is an excellent possibility to make knowledge available to your employees and colleagues at any time, so that knowledge can be retrieved when it’s needed. The content can be found quickly and specifically by using keywords (tags). The security of the content is always guaranteed by the media permissions. Therefore, content can be played out in a targeted manner to specific employees, so that each employee can only see what is relevant to him or her. Furthermore, it is possible to structure the media in different ways, for example via channels, albums, groups or categories in our ViMP Corporate Enterprise & ViMP Corporate Campus solutions.

ViMP as a Learning Management System

With the E-Learning Extension you can extend ViMP to a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) in which you can create learning courses with an unlimited number of learning media. Learning courses and learning media can be supplemented with an unlimited number of question catalogues. The learning courses can be individually adapted, for example by selecting your own cover picture or by uploading additional learning documents. In addition, it is possible to make the learning courses open, closed or only accessible to a certain group of users. The availability of the learning course can be modified by entering a start and end date. After successful completion of a learning course, a corresponding certificate (in your corporate design) can automatically be sent to the participant. In addition to the learning courses, learning media can also be individually configured. For each learning medium a question catalog can be created, which also can be automatically evaluated by the system on request. This is only possible for single and multiple answers. The open answer option must be controlled by a teacher or coach.

Interface to ILIAS and Moodle

Besides the integrated ViMP functions there is also the possibility to connect ViMP to your Learning Management System (LMS). We provide LMS plugins for internationally and nationally leading learning platforms such as Moodle and ILIAS. If you use the LMS plugins, you can easily embed videos from ViMP into your LMS learning courses or upload them directly to Moodle or ILIAS. The access permissions are always taken into account.

Use ViMP as a knowledge transfer tool or learning management system and offer your employees or students an efficient tool for individual and flexible learning. With the E-Learning Solutions in ViMP, learning contents can be appropriated at a speed specifically defined for the employee/student. Thus, learning is fun again and gives your target group the possibility to acquire knowledge when it is needed.

For further information about E-Learning in ViMP please contact us directly via phone (+49 (0)89 1200 1020) or via our contact form.

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