Effective Mediation of Learning Content via Online Video


Learning and teaching videos are becoming more and more popular for students and pupils to support learning. With the help of our ViMP Corporate Campus solution, learning content at universities and colleges can be communicated even more easily and effectively. In the following you learn which opportunities online videos bring with them in the area of learning.

Effective Mediation of Learning Content via Online Video

Opportunities in the preparation and follow-up of a university lecture

Online learning videos primarily serve a deepening, practice and reflection on what has been learned. They address students and pupils significantly better and offer a varied learning experience with a measurably increased learning effect. At any time, students can learn about specific topics and they can set their own pace. Especially for the preparation and the follow-up of a university lecture, moving images offer numerous opportunities for students. Teachers can upload videos with relevant information about the upcoming topic to the corresponding learning course (e.g. ILIAS / Moodle), so students have the chance to familiarize themselves with the topic in advance and prepare themselves for the university lecture. According to that more time can be spent on discussions and questions during attendance time.

In addition, it is realizable that the university lectures can be recorded and be provided on demand within ViMP. Thus, in case of problems of comprehension, the contents can be viewed repeatedly students and absent students have the possibility to catch up missed learning content at any time. This ensures that all students have the same level of knowledge before the beginning of the exams.

Using the ViMP Video Editor, learning videos can be provided with the appropriate university design (Corporate Design) and they also can be trimmed quickly and uncomplicated to the essential quintessence by the university lecturers.

Why ViMP Corporate Campus

With our ViMP Corporate Campus solution we provide a central video platform, to archive, play out and to effectively provide your learning content. Using our free plugins for Moodle and ILIAS, you can extend your learning courses within the respective LMS by knowledge in form of video content, which can be provided and played out with just a few clicks. Video content can therefore only be made available to authorized students and can be individually adapted by the course administrator at any time.

With ViMP Corporate Campus it is now easy to provide online videos for students centralized or decentralized and to offer them alternative opportunities in the area of learning.

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