ViMP Corporate Enterprise
Enterprise video platform solution

The YouTube for Enterprises

ViMP Corporate Enterprise offers all functions needed for an internal video solution.

  • Internal/Intranet usage permitted
  • LDAP interface to connect ViMP with your AD
  • Media permissions to control the audiences
  • Approval workflows
  • Time-controlled media publication
  • Webcam recording
  • Livestreaming
  • Media Sync

Intranet solution

Runs within your network

Responsive design

Fits to every screen

Easy integration

With LDAP and API

Corporate support

Full support & updates

Full video solution for your company

ViMP Corporate Enterprise acts like a YouTube platform for companies, but offers more possibilities especially for internal corporation environments, like approval workflows, LDAP connection or extended rights & roles management.

As most users are familiar with YouTube already they will be able to use ViMP Corporate Enterprise with ease and motivation.

ViMP Corporate Enterprise enriches your intranet, extranet or internet presence with videos. ViMP can be adapted to your individual needs and integrates into your existing infrastructure.

You can either operate ViMP as a stand-alone video platform or integrate ViMP functions into your existing website or CMS.

ViMP is extremely customizable and flexible. Contact us for further information!

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ViMP Trainings

ViMP Trainings

Our ViMP training courses will give you a quick and target-oriented introduction to our video platform solutions.

Areas such as the frontend, the backend or your individually desired topics are covered, e.g. the connection of ViMP to your LMS or the functionality of our E-Learning extension.

Please contact us, if you are interested in an in-house or remote training.

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ViMP Corporate Enterprise Overview


ViMP has been designed especially for a high number of users, high-resolution videos, stable performance and platforms with strong coverage. Many years of experience in video and social media result in a modern corporate platform and make the software unrivaled in the matter of usability and stability.


Each medium can be saved with title, description, tags and meta tags and assigned to one or more categories.

It can also be assigned to editorial channels or closed groups. As soon as a medium is published (optionally only for certain employees or departments) it can be viewed, rated, commented or shared.

Search and Activities

Users can search for media via the full text or extended search forms. Furthermore, media can be segmented by channels, categories, tags or featured media lists.

Activities of users can be displayed in a timeline on the start page in order to inform visitors of what's new.


Approval processes help qualified administrators to activate or decline uploaded videos with an optional comment.

Workflows define, if a user contribution has to be approved and by whom.


An essential element of ViMP Corporate Enterprise is the group function which allows closed collaboration of users or departments, involving all supported media types (video, photo, documents, audio).


ViMP Corporate Enterprise integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape. Thanks to its extensive API it can "talk" with the other applications. The appearance can easily be adapted to your individual Corporate Identity (CI).


ViMP contains latest security mechanisms to protect your media and to provide access to authorized users only.

Media permissions can be defined individually based on user roles.


ViMP contains a sophisticated code base that is being developed continually. Periodic major releases add new features and maintenance releases provide bug fixes and smaller improvements as required.

Due to its modular design ViMP scales in accordance with your requirements.

Media Asset Management

ViMP can either be used as a MAM/DAM system or as a stand-alone video platform. Or both!

Manage your media files with ViMP and embed them into other platforms just as required. Or use ViMP directly to publish your videos in your own video platfom.

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ViMP Corporate Enterprise is the right choice for you, if you...

  • are looking for an enterprise video solution, especially within your intranet
  • want to have full control over your data
  • want to customize the layout to your corporate design
  • want to fully integrate a video solution into your existing infrastructure
  • need to make adaptions or extend the given solution with custom plugins
  • want to benefit from a huge diversity of functions

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Media functions

Manage and publish media easily with ViMP.


Upload videos into the portal with only a few clicks or by drag'n'drop. Also from mobile devices.

Media Types

Besides video files, ViMP can also handle photos, audios and documents.

Thumbnail Views

ViMP users can choose between three different thumbnail views.


Various stickers emphasize certain media attributes additionally.


ViMP also supports livestreams that can be embedded into your ViMP platform.

Webcam Recording (beta)

Add videos and photos to ViMP easily with your webcam.

WebTV Mode

ViMP includes a WebTV mode with rotating playlists and lean back experience.

Global playlists

Create and share public and private playlists.

Automatic Transcriptions

ViMP includes an interface to a professional transcription service (speech-to-text).

ViMP WebTV Mode


Access Control

ViMP Corporate includes different instruments to control access to media and other contents.


ViMP Corporate may be used in closed intranet or extranet environments.

Rights Management

Define custom user roles and set individual permissions.

Approval Workflows

Define approval workflows for uploaded media or blog entries.

Media Permissions

Limit access to certain media files to defined user roles.

Time-controlled Media Release

Plan the release period for your media in advance.

Multi-client capability

ViMP provides multi-client capability for rolling out access-restricted subportals.

Latest technology

ViMP supports modern web techniques, keeping your portal up-to-date.

Responsive Designs

ViMP contains different designs by default. Custom designs can be implemented with ease.

Smartphone Layout

An extra Smartphone layout makes ViMP also look great on iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

HLS Desktop Support

Enables HTTP Streaming even on desktop browsers.

HTML5 Support

Of course, ViMP is utterly HTML5 capable. No Flash required (but still available as fallback).


ViMP is accessible according to BITV 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.



ViMP Responsive Designs


Media structuring

ViMP includes several features to structure media for different purposes.


Media can be assigned to one or more categories. (Sub)Categories are an excellent way to filter media in ViMP.


Add editorial channels to your platform for different topics or departments. Users can subscribe to channels.


Albums can be created by users to present custom media collections. Albums are also predestined for events.


Groups can be private or public and are best suited for collaboration in teams.


Use tags to add important search relevant keywords to your media.

Web Channel

Share media to websites outside of your intranet with the web channel.

ViMP Groups


Player features

Present your videos with our powerful ViMP media player.

HTML 5 first

ViMP uses its powerful HTML5 player by default. Flash is available as fallback.

Quality Selector

Select the best quality for your bandwidth in the ViMP player to ensure smooth playback.

Chapter Marks

Divide videos in multiple chapters with jump labels below the player.


Extend your videos with multi-lingual subtitles that can be selected within the player controls.

Seek preview

Preview images above the seek bar help you finding a particular position.

360 Degree

Our player supports the playback of 360 degree videos.

Audio descriptions

ViMP supports multiple switchable audio tracks per video.





ViMP HTML5 first



Integrate ViMP into other systems or integrate other systems into ViMP - according to your requirements.

Embed Code

Videos can be embedded into other website easily with the embed code.

LDAP Interface

Connect ViMP Corporate to a directory service, like e.g. Active Directory.

SAML interface

Authenticate your users via SAML 2.0, enabling them to single sign-on via your identity provider (SSO).

ILIAS Plugin

With the ViMP plugin for ILIAS you can comfortably add ViMP videos to your ILIAS learning courses.

Moodle Plugin

With the ViMP plugin for Moodle you can comfortably add ViMP videos to your Moodle learning courses.

ViMP makes it easy to customize or extend your platform or to integrate it with other systems.

Unlimited Server Licenses

Unlimited Server licenses for cluster operation within one network.

Open Source Code*

ViMP can be provided with open source code optionally and thus can be enhanced as desired.


The API enables other applications to communicate with ViMP.

Media Transfer

Sync your media files between multiple ViMP servers - even in different data centers.



*) Only small parts of the source code of ViMP Corporate are encrypted due to licensing reasons.


The comprehensive administration panel of ViMP allows you to manage your contents and adapt the software to your very individual requirements.

Content management

All contents (media, users, static pages, slides, etc.) can be managed in the admin panel with ease.


The Dashboard presents the most important statistics at a glance.


Various configuration options to individually customize your portal.


Meaningful statistics about the views of the different media contents.


Setup your portal with predefined configuration templates with just one click.

Menu Configuration

Easily create your custom menu structure with sub menus.


ViMP talks (almost) all languages you desire thanks to i18n and UTF-8 support.


ViMP contains an accessible layout, which also allows users with physical limitations to use our software.


ViMP Multilingualism


Product Support

We don't let you down on issues, but offer different support channels.


Free product updates via our website during your update period.


Priority support via our ticket system included during your update period.


Find answers to common questions in our online FAQ.

Forum Support

Free forum support for technical questions from other users and our staff.


Standard installation included.
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ViMP Product Support


Additional Services and Extensions

In addition to the standard scope of functions we offer the following services and extensions.

Video Editor Extension

Cut videos during upload, add picture-in-picture effects, lower-thirds and intros and outros.

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E-Learning Extension

Create media-based learning courses with questionnaires which can be assessed automatically.

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ViMP Transcoding Service

Alternatively to the standard open source transcoding, ViMP offers a professional cloud-based transcoding service.

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ViMP Hosting

You can install ViMP on your own servers - or buy one of our ViMP Hosting solutions.

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ViMP Additional Services


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