The Company

About ViMP GmbH

Our members of staff can look back on 8 years of experience with developing the ViMP software in the growing market of social media and video CMS.

Based on the experience of our core competence in this market environment and the intensive work with numerous and various customers and activities in project business, the ViMP GmbH, with its focus on modular product development and services, already today, is one of the technology leading providers for portal and application solutions with high growth potential.

Reference customers like the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Deutsche Telekom, DMAX, Constantin Film, Goethe-Institut, MTV, VIVA, Otto Versand, GfK, Novartis, Red Bull, Bosch, Discovery Channel, BSkyB, Audi AG, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Ericsson or Bravo proove the marketability of this platform. Furthermore, the software can reference more than 45.000 international customers of the smaller versions.

ViMP Products

The free Community version attends our customers, to have a financially manageable entrance into the market. First of all, with this version new business ideas can be tested. With continuing success, on this basis the advancement can seamlessly and modularly be realized.

The charged ViMP Professional allows the marketability including Banners and VideoAds also by license. The Enterprise Edition license allows conducting the code basis and the independent development of further functionalities and adjustments. This can and may be done by the customer or a third. The ViMP GmbH therefore will set up a international network of partner agencies gradually.


+ Open sourced code
+ Generic technologies
+ Transparent license fees
+ Modular structure

= Sure investment
= Long-term planning
= Flexibility in development
= No "forced binding"

ViMP Corporate

The product is focussed on internal use and supports video-based communication and collaboration in enterprises and thus leads to significant increase of productivity and reduction of costs. ViMP Corporate especially looms large for knowledge management.

With ViMP Corporate training measures and further training with video can be carried out much more efficient. First well-known major clients underline the relevance of our ViMP software in global competition.

ViMP Services

All additional services, such as installations, support, updates, transcoding or the allocation of the videos by content delivery networks are provided centrally by different system of the ViMP GmbH.

ViMP Customers