Get more out of your video portal

Moduls and Plugins


ViMP Extensions

Due to the given modularity of ViMP, you have the opportunity to enhance your portal according to your demands.

Facebook Connect

Let your users login with their Facebook login credentials.
39.00  VAT included


User login extension to enable logins with OpenID credentials.
49.00  VAT included

Batch Upload

Upload multiple files simultaneously.
49.00  VAT included

YouTube+Vimeo Import

Import YouTube and Vimeo videos with the push of a button.
49.00  VAT included


Send newlsetters to the users of your portal.
49.00  VAT included

Single Sign On

Authenticate other applications' users with their ViMP credentials.
59.00  VAT included

Media Import

Import media from a local directory or from a FTP server.
89.00  VAT included


A public forum for your users.
99.00  VAT included

Google Maps

Display media and user locations in a map.
129.00  VAT included


Arrange media in albums and present them in collections.
129.00  VAT included


Extend ViMP with livestreams.
189.00  VAT included


Channels for editorial content.
299.00  VAT included


WebTV mode for lean back video consumption.
299.00  VAT included

 Video on Demand

Extend your ViMP website with payment options for media and channels.
(all editions except ViMP Community; ViMP 2.5.5 or greater required).

€349.00 (incl. 19% VAT)
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Note: This module requires the foregoing purchase of a ViMP edition.

Product-dependent extensions

The following products are product-specific extensions that can only be purchased after a ViMP edition purchase.

 White Labelling

This extension allows you to run ViMP without any references to ViMP in the frontend (all editions except ViMP Community).

€149.00 - €449.00 (incl. 19% VAT)
Purchase here

Note: This module requires the foregoing purchase of a ViMP edition.